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Am I gonna do this? dunno.

Am I gonna do this? dunno.

Hi I have no experience on PE I have read about it though.
I’m 21 y/o and my penis is 6,3” BPEL sometime 6,4”

I’m conflicted.. I want a bigger penis (who doesn’t) but I’m not sure I have the time or the will for all this exercising.
I know I’m average and I know its ok to be, but.. I kinda wanna be like a 7”. My girth is 5,2 atleast I think, been awhile since I measured girth

I know there is a certain dunno if I can call it risk if you do it wrong, will you eq get better or will it decrease from PE my EQ is good I guess like 8-9.
And how long does each session last? And how the hell do you jelq without getting a hard-on!

If I where to do this my goal would be 7” so I need 0,7 more, how long will it take? Will my results last like forever?

I’d be appreciated if you guys gave me some replies.

- Southpawie

If you don’t feel like you can commit, it’s probably best to leave it for a time when you feel you can, if that comes.

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Yeah I guess but if I would to set on this “journey” how long would it take me to reach my goals and to cement them?

How long nobody can tell you. However, a decent newbie routine is around 30 minutes plus warming up.

0.7 Inch isn’t a huge goal so well within the realm of possibilities. You can what we call ‘cement’ gains, which usually involves going a little above your intended goal and then slowly tapering off to a maintenance routine.

I have done PE off and on for 20 years. I don’t believe I ever had any gains.

In the last few months I started again and I gained.

You want to know the big secret.

You need to commit. You need to dedicate yourself, educate yourself, and actually do the work.

Why do you think that lots of the people that have gained have come from either a traumatic childhood experience or some woman said something that messed them up? Because they have pure raw desire. There is no wishy washy behavior. They absolutely know they want a bigger penis and they are going to make it a priority.

That isn’t saying that some people don’t gain with less effort. Some people are lucky. However, when they start meeting resistance then they will find out if they have the desire to push on through.

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Then I think ill leave it for now..

If I ever get the right motivation ill be sure to come back for now ill just have to make do with my 16 cm poker

I have been doing some of 2.0 jelq routines for 3 days and they seem safer then the ok grip.

I’m experiencing lower EQ though for some reason (I monitor my EQ very closely) after doing these exercises
And I wondering if I am doing anything wrong? I guess I have been masterbating a bit too much these last days too (may be placebo)
But when I used the ok grip I got a instant increase in EQ at the time.

I could be mistaken but I think I acually gained a supertiny bit amount like ,05 inches because I’m a little over 6,5 inches BPEL when I measured today.
I’m not looking to get super huge just over 7 inches and I will be satisfied.

Looking forward for you’re reply!

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