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Dunno if I want to do this again

Dunno if I want to do this again

I am recovering from an injury I got from jelqing 6 months ago! I am getting alot better and feel like I will be back to normal soon, but… I dunno if Im ever gonna go back to PE again. I am just too scared. Has anyone had an experience like me? Did you get back into it or quit? The funny thing is my goals arent even all that big. I have 4X4, Ill be happy to hit 5X5 and settle… seriously…

This can be done very safely! You guys who are trying to rip your dicks off when jelquing need to back it way down to a comfortable level.

Keep the force pleasant until you have several months under your belt, THEN you can move the force up A LITTLE. It should never really be unpleasant, but slightly less than pleasant if fine.

Read my threads at the signiture portion of my post.

Good luck and take it easy!

Yep, don’t break that thing!

This is a prime example of how you loose much more time going gung ho and having to heal then by being a bit hesitant and having slow gains. Make darn sure that you are healed back up 100% and then verycarefully try the n00b routine. Remember that newbie gains are a gift from the PE gods if you get them at all and that the real purpose of the first few months of the newbie routine is simply conditioning your penis and learning how to do this stuff safely.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I already about tore the thing off in the beginning. Went to the doctor, got straightened out, back in the game…

6 months recovery? From jelquing? You have some big arms.

On a serious side, you may have some underlying medical condition, in which case it probably would be best to leave thing alone.

You guys are right, I think due to my smaller size I got overzealous and really hurt the thing. Ive been to two doctors and they both told me I will have a full recovery, it is internal bruising. The reason its taken me 6 months to heal is cause the bruise is right in the front on the head and it gets jammed into my jeans alot. I started putting ice on it recently and that made it heal really quickly. All the swelling is gone now and there is a lot less pain so I think Im close to recovery. Im gonna be taking it easy on my penis til Im absolutley sure its healed 110% but it was a VERY BAD experience. BUT it did have the benefit of making me appreciate the penis I had in the first place, small or not… And I can tell you guys that if I do decide to come back into this I am going to take it very easy and be cautious.

If you do try again here are links to modifications for exorcises if you have a smaller starting size courtesy of Ike

To small to jelq or stretch

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hi cslm1223,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Hope you recover and get back into gentle PE again. I’m very interested to learn about injuries, to keep myself away from them. As I know I’m very inventive and like to be on the edge, so I’m naturally in a high risk zone for pushing it too far, as I did a few days ago. Do you mind elaborating a bit on what you did wrong and what type of damage you ended up with?

Sure Gorgeous8,

I basically jelqed with a death grip on a high erection. Things were going great for a little while until one day I felt a small sting in my dick head. Now at first the pain was not so bad, but then I noticed with masturbation it kept hurting more and more so I stopped doing that and called a doctor immediately. He told me I had internal bruising inside the penis and that I should lay off all masturbation/sex as much as possible. I had a lot of internal bruising and it hurt like hell, its been 6 months of pain and sexual frustration. Now to let you know where I am at. Most of the bruising is gone except for a small area. It still hurts but not as much, and all of the swelling and discoloration is gone. Because of this I am feeling really good about things and thinking I should be back to normal soon. But I am not 100% just yet and I still have a lot of psychological hang ups about jelqing now. On the other hand I understand what I did was my own dumb fault and I totally learned a lesson the HARD WAY. So hopefully I will be healed up soon, I am really excited about having sex again but I wanna make sure my shit is healed 110% before I jump back into things. As for jelqing, I will get in very gentle, and very slow and we will see what happens.

Take it slow at first. You should start back up as soon as possible.

That’s a scary story. These days I have weak erections from overdoing the OTC exercise.. I don’t have internal pain though.. I’m all off PE for a while, until erections are back up. But wondering if sex can also be bad? When I hear about these long term conditions I must say I get scared.

The reason sex is bad for me is becuase when I get a strong erection its painful and can possibly cause more damage becuase of the big bloodflow and increased swelling. But thats only an issue if you have an injury similar to mine. When you have a bruise in your penis its easy to re injure yourself. Im not a doctor but I dont think sex should be an issue with your problem but… I cant be totally sure. I saw a second doctor and he told me Im lucky I didnt get any scar tissue or permanent damage. So as much as the injury sucks, Im very thankful that I have no permanent damage.

This kind of scares me because I use a death grip when I jelq too. It just doesn’t feel like a lighter push works. It’s not enough to cause pain though, just slight discomfort at times. I’m in the fourth week and everything down there is good though. I’m assuming your problem has to do with high erection jelqing, which from what I have read is a definite no no. Make sure you warm up a good 5-10 minutes before and after you jelq too. Some people don’t think it matters, but I find it really helps a lot. Especially after.

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