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Am I crazy?


Originally Posted by biggesmalls
So I guess its eye of the beholder. Which is me I presume. Because the only person telling me to change is me.

Exactly. Its a great motivation for PE as you need to be a bit obsessive to succeed. I started that way but now its fun for me like playing golf..
But yeah chances are you gain and you are still not cool with it.
Just hear your girl(s) out if it gets too big. But dont discuss numbers as they have zero clues about it.

The thinking what someone else did is normal but what she says and what you make of it turns out with high possiblity different then it was. Woman lack logic(but trust their emotions) in the greater picture which leads to insecurities about possibly everything.- So they need a man to provide that logic through him beeing himself(not in catering to her, just ask a woman if she wants cinema or pizza lol can get her into crisis).
Overall a woman will attune to a man like water to a rock if he is grounded in himself. To accomplish that you shape your image of yourself in the future and align to that from the now through movement, thoughts and actions. Chances are a woman will align to that too if you keep true to it. (of course enduring all the B.S tests are part of it.)

Women lack logic. Brilliant. Lol But I see your point how a man has to be self aware. Thats why I think this is a me thing. Hell, my fiancee laughed at the notion of me needing to add anything at all. But I’m going to go with this and see what happens. I put my starting pics up in the progress section. If I can keep a decent schedule I’ll update later.

Youll gain girth and length from pumping and clamping. Pumping has a side benefit of temporary size that can be used.

Question here: when just beginning, is it better to go every other day, or couple days on couple days off? Whats you guys’ opinion?


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