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Alternate Jelqing Grip

Alternate Jelqing Grip

The jelq grips on the videos tend to make my hands tired and often I don’t feel like I’ve done anything constructive. I recently came up with my own grip, and it’s like this:

1) Take your jelqing hand, and put it palm out.
2) Turn your hand so that it’s palm-towards you, then clasp the you penile shaft between your two middle fingers. The nature and size of your penis might require that you have the fingers slightly facing towards you instead of both facing away from you.
3) Squeeze those two fingers to generate the jelqing motion. If that’s not strong enough, clamp those two fingers with your other hand.
4) Jelq up. Loosen slightly and return to base, repeat from step 3.

The sensation I feel from this is that the blood all seems to focus on my glans. It actually hurts a little, really. But I can see my glans engorge every time I do this motion.

Now, I still consider myself a newbie because my routine consists mainly of stretching and jelqing, with no consistent schedule. I’ve gained 1” length so far and maybe 1/2” girth. So, I’m not sure if this new grip is true to the purpose of jelqing.


When it works and you have no problems there is no reason to stop doing it.

Sounds like a good idea I’ll give it a try.

Hi, Raize:

The “you” grip is the same as the “O” grip (or OK sign), but without closing the fingers. That´s the grip you describe in your post, and it´s just as effective as the “O” grip.

I tried jelqing as you suggest and it looks more effective, this way fingers don´t get tired. With help from the other hand, you can force blood more strongly to the glans, which is the purpose of jelqing.

Very similar to the idea behind the ‘power jelq’.

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