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A Question on Jelqing "Pressure"

A Question on Jelqing "Pressure"

OK here’s the deal. I am trying to ‘nail down’ jelqing a little better, and ‘how hard to squeeze’ or ‘clamp down’ with my hand before moving it up the shaft to jelq. I had originally tried to describe it by ‘feel’ or ‘feeling’ but I think that is an inadequate way of looking at it now. These are subjective terms, and what feels like ‘hard pressure’ or ‘medium pressure’ to you might mean something totally different to me, and something totally different from that to a third person. So I have opted to describe it more in ‘dimensional terms’ and hope that will be more meaningful or useful.

I originally started the newbie routine, heating and stretching and jelqing. Reading about the microtears and such convinced me that you needed to do a little damage to the tissues I guess, and I think I was pulling too hard on my stretches or jelqing too hard. At about 50% erect, I am still pretty much at my maximum girth, it just isn’t as hard as at 100%. At 4½” girth, that puts me at about 1½” diameter. Now, here’s what I think I was doing. Thinking that I had to really ‘crush things good’ to get growth, that’s what I did! So with 1½” diameter, I was forming my grip down to more like a 1” diameter circle, and jelqing up that way. I was gonna make me some microtears! Well, this is way too much! A full one-third or almost one-half of the original diameter!

After about a week and a half of this, my penis said: “okay… well then screw you too, dude” and went numb on me. About three or four days before this, I did notice that it felt a little ‘less sensitive’ but at the time, I figured it was just getting desensitized or accustomed to this new stuff. It’s an easy mistake that anyone could make.

So I’m wondering if there is some better way to describe it, so people don’t make dumb mistakes (including me). I know it’s hard to describe these things sometimes, so that the other person ‘gets it’ what you are trying to convey to them accurately. It’s really neat to hear when someone describes that they have ‘caught on’ and now they are sure that they are doing it perfectly. I’m just trying to get there, too. I’ve had really helpful discussions with my mentor and it has been very revealing to me, I was squeezing down too hard. He described it as feeling a lot like masturbation almost, and you have to be very patient and ‘clinical’ about it or you will blow a load, so this was a big eye-opener for me. It’s a much more delicate process than I thought. That helped a lot, so now I’m thinking just clamp down the diameter of my circle to just a little less than it’s size, like one-eighth or one-sixteenth of an inch smaller than the penis diameter, and doing it that way. Does anyone out there getting good results have any little tidbits of wisdom to describe good jelqing?

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I agree that most guys “try too hard” to do these exercises and many end up with injuries. Sometimes it’s just a bit of numbness or persistent red spots, or it can be something major like thrombosed veins or the inability to get an erection at all. My opinion is that it doesn’t take huge amounts of pressure to make the changes you need for growth. It’s a bit more than masturbation, but not nearly as much as you were doing when you started.

I use the two handed “dry jelq” technique described by RB in this post. I don’t clamp the base, but use the thumb and first two fingers of each hand to squeeze the right and left corpora cavernosa enough that I can move a bolus of blood toward the glans, then I move my hands back to the base and start again. I’m not pinching each side very much. I used just enough force to be able to feel the blood move. The sensation of pressure gets stronger the closer I get to the end of the stroke. It’s this slight increase in pressure that stretches the tunica and helps new cells grow (IMO).

Aha! That’s much more useful than saying “use light pressure” or “just do it” or something. Thanks!

The light bulb is starting to come on now.

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All truth goes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self evident. -Schopenhauer

I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. -Richard Dawkins

I had that question too. Besides that, I’d like to know if there’s an specific side of the penis that should no be pressed when jelquin. I’m not sure, but I think I read that below our penises we have a nerve that can be damaged if forced. So what’s the safest jelq method? Making a total OK or focusing more on the sides (left and right)?

I’ve been jelqing for almost 5 months now with some breaks. I think I do use strong pressure when I jelq. But it’s something I was going to for some time now. For me a sign of a good jelq session is soreness and I think one needs to increase pressure over time to get to this sore feeling. I rarely do more than 300 wet jelqs during one session (I get bored and have some more exciting things to do with my time).

I agree there is a lot of subjectivity in jelqing but penises also vary. That’s why I believe that experience is much more important than a set of detailed rules. After some practice, one should arrive to a comfortable and beneficial jelq style.

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I think there are three things you want to achieve when you do PE.

First and foremost, you want to increase your size.
Second, you want your cock to look healthy.
Third, you want your cock to perform like a champ.

I think the best way to achieve the primary goal is to use moderate pressure. How do you determine what is moderate? Well, it should feel forceful, but not painful. It should not be enough to cause continuous bruising, or that screws the second objective. And it certainly should not be so intense as to cause loss of erection strength, or that screws the third objective, and if you can’t perform, what’s the point?

A common mistake is to begin seeing results and then to start going overboard on intensity, in an effort to speed things up. The desire to make things better though increased intensity turns counter productive and then screws up all three goals.

The process takes infinite patience and the ability to stick with a moderate program that keeps all three objectives on track at the same time.

Size, health and performance.

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