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All Day Hanging Question

All Day Hanging Question

I’ve been thinking of a new way to make gains. It involves the WMC ball weight or any other type of ball weight. I have a 1lb 34mm internal diameter weight that fits snugly over my penis when it is in a silicone sleeve. It makes my penis hang down about two inches further than it normally does.

I’m thinking about ordering a 1.5lb WMC weight and using it while I work. My job requires me to stand all day so this would be ideal. It seems like the only issues would be hiding the bulge and maintaining circulation throughout the day.

I would compare this method to that of an all day stretcher. I’ve read that most ADS devices max out at 1500g or 3.3lb. Do you guys think this method would lead to gains and would it be enough weight?

Does anyone know of any person that might have done something similar to what I have described above. Also are there any devices similar to a ball weight that would be around 1.5 to 2 pounds that would fit snug over the penis and be a bit more low profile?

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