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Question about Fatigue and Glans during Hanging


Question about Fatigue and Glans during Hanging

I have been hanging since 8/2/10 (so a couple days short of 2 weeks).

I’ve been hanging in a SO position with a Wench, bungee cord, and a bracket. The bungee acts as the resistance and I calibrated the bungee cord to see the bungee stretch-weight equivalence. I used two cable cuffs early on, but soon switched to a Turn-key clamp. I also use Monty’s PE weights.
The first two days I used roughly 2.5lbs.
The 2nd and 3rd day I used roughly 3lbs.
The 5th day I used roughly 5lbs.
The 6th until the 12th day I used roughly 5.75lbs.
The 13th and 14th (day of this post) days I used 6.25lbs.
I did two sets the first 9 days and 3 sets days 10-14.

I haven’t felt fatigue yet and I’m not sure what to do. I think maybe I should go up to 7.5lbs for 3 sets SO.

I put the Wench on about an inch behind the Glans and turn the Turn-key clamp until it feels slightly uncomfortable, but the discomfort goes away fairly quickly. The wench still seems to move towards the head a little bit. Is that inevitable? Also about how tight should the clamp feel?

The head darkens, but it doesn’t get really purple and I have never had cold glans or felt numbness or loss of felling in the glans so far. Is that okay? Is the glans darkening inevitable? If this helps my normal glans color a peach pinkish hue.

I think a weird think to note is that when I use PE weights for an extended period of time (3-6hrs), when i go to take the weighs off the glans feel cold, but is pretty much my normal color. Coldness with normal color seems weird.

I think some duskiness of the glans and skin beyond the hanger is inevitable. I get it using a Bib hanger.

I hang 20 minute sets, but every 5 minutes I lift up the weight with one hand, and stretch out the glans and end of my penis with the other, giving it a brief squeeze or massage for about 10 seconds. After releasing, I check to make sure it “pinks up” again within about 3 seconds (capillary refill time) and if it doesn’t I loosen the hanger a fraction.

I have found this reduces discoloration and swelling around the glans area.

-The wrap usually should start 1.25” behind the coronal ridge of your glans.

“The head darkens, but it doesn't get really purple and I have never had cold glans or felt numbness or loss of felling in the glans so far. Is that okay? Is the glans darkening inevitable? If this helps my normal glans color a peach pinkish hue. “
-It sounds like you’re not squeezing the blood out of your glans before you tighten your attachment device. This will prevent discoloration or unnecessary stress.

“I think a weird think to note is that when I use PE weights for an extended period of time (3-6hrs), when i go to take the weighs off the glans feel cold, but is pretty much my normal color. Coldness with normal color seems weird.”
-Just make sure your sets are 20 minutes (max). Make sure to restore circulation during your 10 minute breaks. Maybe I’m anal retentive, but I unwrap if I feel like I can’t restore circulation 100%. I make sure the glans are at least warm before I start my next set. If it’s cold outside, sometimes I’ve even done a second warmup after I’ve done a few hanging sets.

-If you’re getting discoloration try the firegoat roll. Which reminds me, I need to get into the habit of doing this….
“firegoat roll” discoloration prevention, control, and removal

What’s funny is I did college athletics…. the physical trainers (which firegoat is by the way), always did something like a firegoat roll to the arms of the college wrestlers before or in between periods of matches/tournaments (but they do it to the biceps/ upper arms). So it’s funny that almost the same thing is useful for removing discoloration. It just reminds me of that, even though the two things might be completely unrelated.

Normally it takes a few weeks to adjust to the skin stretch & the attachment point stress. The fatigue will come in due time. You should be feeling it soon, maybe in your case you’ll need a 3rd week. If you’re still not feeling it soon, something might be wrong I suppose.

It isn’t really possible to exsanguinate (squeeze all the blood out of the skin of the) glans penis just using your hand. If you really wanted to do this, you would have to wrap the glans very tightly with a thick and heavy elastic bandage called an Esmarch bandage.

Even if you did that, the only way that you could keep more blood from entering the glans while you hang would be to apply a hanger so tightly that it would function as a tourniquet, occluding all arterial inflow, and that you definitely don’t want to do.

The venous pressure (pressure in the veins) is much less than the arterial pressure, and I suspect for most guys hanging significant amounts of weight, the hanger will need to be applied tightly enough (to prevent slipping) to cause some restriction in venous outflow. The peripheral resistance of blood in the veins of the extremities is ordinarily quite low, but any compressive force that the hanger places on the soft tissues of the penis will be transmitted to the veins within the penis and will increase the venous pressures, and peripheral venous resistance there.

That causes two things to happen. One is that the thin-walled veins dilate and because the venous pressure is transmitted to the skin capillaries, the capillary pressure in the skin of the glans will cause those to dilate as well. Second, the blood flow in the capillaries will become somewhat stagnant (venous stasis) and the blood in the capillaries will be de-oxygenated (blue). The blue blood in the dilated capillaries of the skin of the glans is what causes the cyanosis.

The cyanotic (blue) color from venous stasis should go away promptly when the restriction is released, or even if the glans is squeezed firmly while the hanger is still in place. If it does not, you may be having hemosiderin deposition in the skin. This occurs when venous pressures are so high that red blood cells are actually forced through the capillary walls into the inter-cellular matrix. The RBCs then die and release hemosiderin which can cause permanent staining of the skin, which again you don’t want.

That is why I like to briefly check every 5 minutes or so to monitor skin color, make sure any cyanosis promptly blanches with a brief squeeze, and also to check the capillary refill time (how long it takes the blanched glans to “pink up”) when the squeeze is released. If the capillary refill time is no more than 3-5 sec (the less the better) you know that the hanger is not so tight as to severely restrict arterial inflow.

You just gently squeeze your glans and get most (not all) of the blood out before you tighten the hanger. I suspected he wasn’t doing this based on the fact that he said “The head darkens, but it doesn’t get really purple”. Then while hanging, you monitor circulation, if things are bluish, that’s not good, although the sets shouldn’t go beyond 20 minutes so there shouldn’t be much danger, as long as circulation is restored during the rest periods.

Squeezing the glans before tightening the hanger appears to prevent discoloration. My guess is that it helps avoid bursting capillaries or blood vessels, since the glans appears to pressurize with the tightening of the hanger. By squeezing out some of the blood right before we tighten the device, we reduce the resulting pressure which appears to assist in the prevention of internal hemorrhaging.

I squeeze the head as I tighten the Turn-Key clamp. Could it be that I’m not tightening the Turn-Key enough? I feel like it’s tight, but maybe I’m not use to the tightness that needs o be used.

The wrap I’m using is a HTW and some Theraband. The wench does move up when I stretch the bungee cord (apply weight) and bunches the wrap up against the coronal ridge.

It sounds like my head shouldn’t really darken. At least that is what I got from the comments in this thread. At the end of my set, when I loosen the Turn-key clamp the head starts to immediately regain color within seconds while some darkish random spots take 20-30 seconds to regain color. So probably about 30 seconds for the head to get pretty much back to normal.

I increased 1lb from yesterday and just finished doing 3 sets.

When I use the Turn-key clamp and tighten it on the Wench, the top part of the Wench on the anterior side of the penis forms a fold that pushes on the shaft. I feel like I tighten the Turn-key a lot, but the Wench still moves towards the head and causes the wrap to push against the head. I’ve tried attaching the Wench further back and applying the Turn-key in the middle of the Wench and closer to the top of Wench, but the wench still seems to move forward causing the head to take a good bit of the force.

I’m trying to analyze what is wrong, but it seems hard to pinpoint what that is.

I don’t understand what your bracket is, but can you adjust toe in / \ vs. toe out \ / vs. parallel || ?

“When I use the Turn-key clamp and tighten it on the Wench, the top part of the Wench on the anterior side of the penis forms a fold that pushes on the shaft”
If you have the settings too much towards toe in / \ it can create a noose that completely cuts off blood flow to the head. it sounds like you might be experiencing the noose effect from having too much toe in / .

I make a few extra passes of Thera-band starting 1.25” behind the coronal ridge of the glans (your wrap should always start 1/4” behind your circumcision scar, once you add weight, it will still end up very close to your glans, that’s why you need the full 1.25” of clearance behind the coronal ridge of the glans).

Then I make less passes of Thera-band (Silver 22 mil) down the shaft. I use a Bib hanger, and I only have about 3-4 hex nut turns narrower towards the front of the hanger attachment (or as you call it,the bracket… I think). Having the hanger slightly narrower towards the front gives me a toe-in setting. In your case though, you might have too much toe-in.

Perhaps if you make the sides of your hanger more parallel you wont get things bunching up towards the glans, creating that noose effect, which it appears you might be experiencing. For me, completely parallel hanger settings tend to slip, but if you make your wrap really thicker towards the front it shouldn’t slip (I also use HTW + Theraband, although lately I switched to HTW + What-A-Grip+ Theraband (the What-A-Grip holds the HTW in place & prevents it from rolling up like a condom).

“I've tried attaching the Wench further back and applying the Turn-key in the middle of the Wench and closer to the top of Wench, but the wench still seems to move forward causing the head to take a good bit of the force. “
I think that is because you have toe in / \ settings. If your hanger is set more | | parallel, that shouldn’t happen. Once again, to me, that’s evidence of that noose effect that comes from a loose hanger + toe in.

You can also try adjusting your hanger bracket to be narrower so that the sides of the hanger are closer: | | vs. ||
However, if you make things too close, the hanger will become unstable, and possibly twist.

You need the right balance of WFG (wrapped flaccid girth) and hanger width to avoid twisting on the one hand but narrow enough to be tight so you can avoid things like the noose effect on the other hand.

“regain color within seconds while some darkish random spots”
THis is odd to me… I can’t see how your head would be darker unless there was extra pressure towards your glans. This also points to the noose effect for me (loose hanger, toe in, all the weight shifts to the glans).

It’s also hard for me to assess this because I don’t know what your ‘bracket’ is or how it compares to something like a Bib hanger. For the moment, based on your description, this are my best guess.

Blink, thanks for helping me try to figure this out. I want to try to get everything going right.

To see the bracket, go to Monty’s peweights website and hit the new product list. You will see the bracket there. The bracket attaches to a door, while you attach the hook of a bungee cord to the hole on the bracket and the other hook of the bungee cord to your hanging device (mine is a Wench). The stretch of the bungee cord acts as the resistance instead of actual weight.

I don’t know if Toe / \ factors into hanging with the Wench. I will try additional wrap near the circ scar and move the grippers on the Wench around a little to fit the WFG just right and hopefully prevent the noose effect.

It seems like the problem is the wrap bunches up and pushes against the head. I’ll try your suggestions and report back.

One last thing, does the What-A-Grip come in one size and do you cut a hole in the top?

What a grip comes as a thin rubber tube. You have to stretch it out a lot before you will be able to get in onto your flaccid penis.

I cut mine to the length of my flaccid, & I saved the rest. It’s only $2.50. Very cheap.

You’re right, I haven’t seen Monty’s bungee hanger before. Have you tried asking him what the issue is?

No, I haven’t. I thought he might post in this thread. I guess I’ll PM him.

I just did a couple sets, but my head still getting a little too dark.

Right now it’s hard to get the grippers on the Wench to fit nicely on the sides of the penis, but when I do the Wench still moves towards the head and pushes the wrap against the head. I don’t think the issue is toe. I think the issue might be complete grip of the internal structures. Currently I’m using a HTW and 1x18 inch piece of Theraband. Maybe I need more Theraband?

Would it be better to just get a Bib Starter?

It’s your call.

I like the Bib starter a lot. I believe it’s the only hanger I’ll ever need. Even though I meet the requirements for the regular Bib, I just went with the starter based on Bib’s advice.

If you post your stats on Bib’s forum, and ask, you could even see what he recommends.

If you like your current hanger, you could ask Monty how to fix your issues; I’m sure Monty will help you.

I think I might have found the problem. I grab the head and stretch the penis out to wrap it, but when I let the penis go back to the normal state there is extra skin above the wrap. I try to pull the skin back, but the extra skin still stays above the wrap (maybe someone has a technique to help this).

I noticed this when I went to wrap with just Theraband, instead of what I usually use, which is a HTW which Theraband over it. As I went to pull back on the bungee cord (attach weight) I could see the extra skin moving forward and the Theraband moving along with it. I’m thinking his is what is creating the noose effect and akming the head get dark.

The hanger (in this case your captains wench) should be relatively tight compared to the wrap which should be loose enough to allow circulation.

The bungee shouldn’t matter too much (maybe?). I think the key difference is that you’re using the captains wench & I’m using the Bib hanger. I have seen some guys say they could only do a few lbs with the captains wench, but I don’t know if this is true for all guys.

When you put the wrap 1.25” behind the coronal ridge of your glans, and then attach the hanger, normally things get pulled forward when you add a lot of weight so that the skin bunches up a bit around your glans. However, the hanger attachment shouldn’t actually put pressure on your glans, the pressure should be on your shaft (against the two primary erectile chambers on the left & right). The Captn’s Wench is a good recipe, and it does the same thing.

Watch this video on Bib’s site that shows stillwantmore attaching a hanger. I know you’re using a Captn’s Wench, but I still think it might help:
(it’s different from the hanging video in our glossary here; I don’t see this video on thunders, if it is, maybe a moderator can change this link)…php?f=10&t=1088

I also suggest you email or PM Monty & ask him to reply here. It seems my lack of experience with 'the wench' may be preventing me from figuring out what's going on.

I’ll make a Captn’s Wench when I have time (soon I hope). Hopefully, you’ll figure out what’s wrong first & post it here (I would like to know for future reference).

As I mentioned above, my only guess right now is that maybe your wrap is too tight, or your wench is too loose.

Problem using Bib hanger

Before I give up on hanging altogether can any one in the know advise?

I have been doing P E for a year now, I purchased a hanger direct from Bib hangers a while ago as I wanted to switch to hanging, I have tried different types of wrapping techniques including the one in thunders videos series but I still get too much pressure on the head, the foreskin underneath my dick swells so much like it’s going to pop!

When the hanger is on for a while (20mins max at a time) my gland turns purple and a little cold, when I take the hanger off my gland is distorted for a few minutes, this can’t be correct, the color comes back pretty quick but I am worried about long term damage here.

Wrapping techniques I have tried;
1) Pulled the foreskin right back started wrap 1” behind glands and over the foreskin and work towards the base, second therma wrap directly on top of first, squeeze blood from gland apply hanger. NOT TOO MUCH DISCOMFORT THIS WAY BUT FORESKIN UNDER GLANDS LOOKS LIKE IT GOING TO EXPLODE!!

2) Apply small wrap first same as above which is trapping foreskin underneath wrap, holding foreskin back so you still have 1” space between gland and 1st wrap apply second wrap starting just on top of glands working towards base again and over the first wrap, apply hanger. THIS WAY PUTS EVEN MORE PRESSURE ON THE GLANDS AND TOO PAIN FULL!


I think the problem is the foreskin, I am un circumcised, is anyone one else using a bib hanger that’s uncircumcised got the same problem.

Can anyone advise a different wrapping technique,or can I adjust the hanger ( toe in of out), could the hanger be on to tight, I have exhausted this now.

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