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Age and PE


Age and PE

I’m 20 years old right now, and am about 6.5 BPEL by 4.75 G. My question for older PE veterans is: “Does your penis size continue to grow naturally when you are 20 yrs. and up?” I know this will vary from individual to individual, but I feel like I’m still in a growth spurt and am wondering if any of you veterans continued growing naturally through your 20’s. My second question is this: “If I was still growing naturally in penis size, and stuck to a consistent PE routine, would the exercises enhance natural growth?” What do you guys think?

I did not increase in size during my 20s.

And, yes, I think if you are still growing, PE will enhance that growth unless you over-do in your PE routines.



Agree with avocet.

Commonly the growth stops at 16 17 and doesnt continue afterwards. Use the search button because this was talk a lot of times before, and not many days ago

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thanks guys

I think mine may have stopped prematurely at the age of 8. :p

Seriously my dick stopped growing around the age of 16 or so but I cannot say that all growing will stop there because I was at least 21 before I had any hair on my chest (and damn did it grow). So that tells me there that it is very possible to finish out puberty up to your early 20’s.

Originally Posted by DremelGawD
Agree with avocet.
Commonly the growth stops at 16 17 and doesnt continue afterwards. Use the search button because this was talk a lot of times before, and not many days ago

So then wouldn’t this mean that the starting age for PE would be 16 1/2?

I was late bloomer, I grew naturally about one inch in length and half inch girth steadily between ages of 17-21. I noticed my penis had stopped growing aged 22.

My penis stopped growing of its own accord in my 21st year. From about the age of 30 to 36, it gradually shrank. It started growing again when I reached 37, which coincides with my commencing a PE routine. In a couple of months my penis was back to the size it was in my twenties. Now, my penis is longer and thicker than it has ever been. However, my gains have pretty much plateaued, but I am thrilled that the increase in size is noticeable. Just remembering all that anxiety I used to have….

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I was the same size from age 16 to 34 (when I started PE).

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I’m 22. I haven’t seen any gains in penis length since I can remember, naturally anyway.

I am 18 and started PE at around 17. From what I’ve heard it seems like it stops growing at totally different times for certain people than it does others (you know, that whole “everyone develops differently” thing). The way I see it, if it still is growing, PE isn’t going to do anything but cause you to gain even faster.

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Well I can’t remember when it stoped growing,But as “tamegomaith” I thing it shrunk at that age and after a small gain my wife said out of the blue that She thought I had gotten smaller (that was before the gains )

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I read a fact somewhere that your penis naturally stops growing at around age 23.

I know one thing for sure. My penis is a bit bigger than it was a year or two ago (I’m 19).

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