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PE and your age

PE and your age

Hey everyone. I was wondering about something. Since I haven’t really told much about myself I guess I can. I like my penis. It’s good sized, but what’s wrong with doing a workout that makes your penis bigger? I found this site over the summer when I wanted to find out about the average penis size. It’s practically a miracle that I found this site. Anyways, I’m young. I’m 17 and am still in the adolesence era. I keep asking myself if since I’m younger and are maybe still growing, will I have better results? Does age have to do with anything? Is what I’m doing a good idea? Sometimes I think about these types of things and I realize that these workouts make me feel good and bigger. And in do type will make me bigger. God thats awesome.

Thanks All.

I started young too…

quite a bit yonger than you, in fact.
I am 19 now, and most of my PE efforts have been half-arsed.
I’ve gained well over an inch in length, closer to 2 actually. and at least 1/2 in girth.

I believe that the pubescant growth spurt will contribute to growth. but, my tip to you is to make the most of it while you still can!

Sooner than you think, your regenerative growth processes will practically grind to a halt, compared to what they are at now.

carpe diem!

I’m 20 and have been PEing for about 6 months, mostly Jelqing but now hanging….. I’ve gained just under an inch in length and about .5 - .75 in girth.


I am young also, I haven’t gained much because I never done the exercises enough, but now I am going to be dedicated and get to my goals.

Well good luck dude




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