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Advice please.

Advice please.

New to the forum, checked it out months ago and would try some of the beginner PE exercises but tbh it didn’t last long..

I’m not with my gf anymore currently, but we would have sex regularly (avg 3/week) for over the 20mnths we were dating. She would finish everytime I would go down on her, but I don’t know ever if at all she would when I was in her. She was my first with basically everything so I was always questioning my penis size etc.. I have measured length before and I want to say it was around between 5 and 5.7in, not sure on the girth, but fills the “okay” grip with my thumb and index finger.

I’m almost 21, and debating on starting some serious PE becuase I feel somewhat small. Flaccid, I’d say it depends how I’m feeling emotionally or physically and the temp but it fluctuates but mostly no longer than my index finger.. What can I do/look into so I can feel more confident, I have no worries on what to do or how to act in bed, but just wish it was a little bigger

Originally Posted by stevens_5

Because I feel somewhat small. Flaccid,

every one feels small Flaccid
At lest the grower types do

[9/2010] 7*6 NBPEL/8*6 BPEL pic's Not PEing anymore. (as of Nov '10)

[12/2011] 7.37" NBPEL * 6.4"

[1/2013] Current stats:7.37 NBPEL * 6.5.

You might start reading instead of posting.

Well the way to go is to follow the well trodden path of the Newbie Routine. It has proven itself over the years - and the penises. So it has a good reputation.

Worth a try ! But keep with it for two to three months.

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