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Advice needed for length

Advice needed for length

I started PE back at the end of december 2012.

Currently I am taking a deconditioning break for what I believe has been overtraining.
My first three months I would say I followed the newbie routine, only a little bit longer. No gains.

Then I got greedy. I started erect jelqing, and hours long stretches (mid force).
- After a while my EQ was dropping, I was jelqing 80-100% for hours during the day using porn and edging to be able to sustain the erection. If it was not for that, my erection could not stay hard more thant 10 sec. Strangely enough, my EQ was almost ok during sex with my girlfriend (80-90% erect).
- I stretched mainly downward and also did V-stretch.

I would say I saw some very little gains (0,1-0,2 inch), only in the girth department. But I would attribute it mostly to better erections (before I went to overtraining).

So now it’s been two weeks since I first started my deconditionning break. I am having trouble not getting back to PE already, since my EQ is much better. But I guess I am going for a full month off.

So my question is:

What would you recommand after my deconditionning break for length gains?

After your decon break I would recommend you start slow and build up to your optimal growth routine. This requires some experimentation to perfect.

Judging by your current experience with PE we can see that you’re going to need a bit more than the newbie routine to see gains, but you’re certainly not a more is more is more kind of guy either, as evidenced by the latter routine you tried. Once you’re back from decon restart with the newbie routine and add some fulcrum stretches but also make sure you’re not going over board and stretching for hours on end. Additionally I would include poss pulls in your routine as these have worked wonders for me despite not focusing much on length. Also make sure to jelq at low erection percentages, around 50%.

If this still doesn’t produce gains, then perhaps hanging is your best bet. But give the additional stretches some time to work and recondition your penis before hanging. Best of luck to you!

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

What are poss pulls? I tried doing a search for em but only this thread came up.

Starting stats:

6.1' NBPEL

6' EG

Whoops my mistake, it was a typo. I meant to write piss pulls. Piss pulls or toilet tugs as I sometimes call them are when you stretch your penis for a few mins every time you pee.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.


First, thanks a lot for your help.

Your advice is close to what I intended to do. I think in retrospect I started to see some gains, but whenever that happened, I would overtrain because I was too eager.

I guess what would work for me is to find my growth zone and with some time and dedication, wait until I reach my goals.

Piss pulls yes, but no too much I guess, so that I don’t end up doing the same mistake.

Thanks again

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