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ADS theories

ADS theories


I’ve read much about the theory behind “all day stretchers” like the andro penis or the peni-master. They say
Results come from wearing the device for long periods of time which forces the tissues in your penis to adapt to
The continues traction and make new cells, thus adding length and / or girth.

Does anybody knows this theory is for real? If so, everyone should be able to gain from these devices, right?
It’s a completely different way of enlargement then stretching the ligs or jelqing is. Anyone care to share some
Thoughts or experience here?


I deffinetly want to make an ADS that I can use discreetly, but I’m having trouble deciding which of the designs here will be the most efficient.

Yes its real, yes it works. Of course its better as an extra to manual PE, but it will produce gains on its own. It does however take a long time, and you vcan’t expect fast results from using an ADS.

Safety, comfort and discreetness are the 3 main factors to look for in any ADS.

Top 3 Recommended ADS devices - AutoExtender, VacExtender, PeniMaster.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Thanks for the info Slack, I’ll be putting my ADS back in my routine again. :)

Originally Posted by wired

It’s a completely different way of enlargement then stretching the ligs or jelqing is.

I don’t see how it is so different. Jelking or stretching also puts the tissue under tension, theoretically stimulating cell growth. An ADS may also put some tension on the ligaments, but that’s probably not the main effect.

Horny Bastard

I didn’t know that manual stretching, thus pulling the ligs out of your body (revealing the inner penis as some say) and over time deforming the penis was also based on the “stimulating cell growth” theory that ADS devices like the andro penis or penimaster claim to use. They claim that the continues (low force) traction on the spongy tissues eventually will make the cells divide and thus adding tissue. But heck I am no doctor, so I’ll just use them both :D

Same principle as wearing dental braces (low force over an extended length of time) to correct misaligned teeth.
Using a high force over a short period of time wouldn’t work.

In short, a traction device is totally different to manual stretching.

That’s a good analogy to visualize how an ADS would work, aggro.

But in terms of stretching, I think it is incorrect to think that manual stretching works solely by stretching the ligs and bringing out the “inner penis”. There has been a lot of discussion about these theories, but I think manual stretching also causes growth of the shaft, even though the stimulus is high intensity short duration vs. low intensity long duration.

Horny Bastard

I would agree with you Aggro, but bones are a bit harder then ligs. You can’t use high force with teeth because you would be breaking the brittle bone. A better analogous would be yoga. (FYI some girls asked me to come along. It wasn’t my idea.) My yoga class was for 16 weeks and only met twice a week for about an hour. My flexibility definitely increased. So something could be said for short duration with high force. I won’t deny ADS. I’ve seen whose surgery shows where they put bladders under the skin and inflate them to get the body to grow extra skin. The main problem with PE is that hard to get any good leverage like in yoga or even know how well we are targeting the ligs.

Where does it say anything about it solely targeting the ligs?
According to the theory, traction devices work on the principle of cell mitosis - on the whole shaft

Or to use another analogy if the dental braces/bone example is inappropiate, consider when skin around the stomach grows as people become obese. A very slow process (with low force) but a big difference between the skin at the start and end.

In any case, regardless of the efficacy of the theory, traction devices will let the penis heal in an extended state and prevent turtling.

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