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ADS questions, and a few other tidbits

ADS questions, and a few other tidbits

Greetings everyone.

I have had a consistent regimen for a month now after several months of off & on PE.

I wear an ADS (mAXpRO) for about 14 hours/day. This is in combination with a 5 day/week routine of warm up, stretching for 2 min., 200-250 jelqs, and a warm down.

Though the mAXpRO is slightly fragile, it is my chosen ADS because it’s comparatively cheap (50$ on ebay) and is not bulky in the least.

Anyway, my questions are thus:

Does strapping on the ADS right after PE in anyway limit potential girth growth. I’ve wondered about this since the ADS is tied around the shaft tight enough to have a secure pull. This seems like it might constrict the recently engorged anatomy’s growth.
Even if it does a little, I figure the ADS is worth using right after PE since it would keep the ligs and tunica extended?

Off topic:
Is there a more sensible option to removing pubes at the shaft base than shaving? In-grown hairs and irritated pores are annoying. Would waxing be better? Ha!

I think using low-dose aspirin before PE would be good since it would inhibit any clotting possibility (I’ve noticed some people here have had this kind of issue).


Welcome aboard, corpusC

Wearing the ADS right after PE is unlike to obstacle your girth gains. While wearing the ADS, I suggest you to monitor every 20 minutes or so the colour and coldness of your glans. Also, every 1h or so the ADS should be removed for some minutes. I don’t know your specific ADS comfort, however. Wearing ADS is generally well worth.

About shaving, try doing a search.

Best wishes on your gains.

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