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Starting ADS, few questions.

Starting ADS, few questions.

I am thinking of starting ADS, I just have a couple of questions.

1.How long should I begin ADS per day?
2.How does ADS relate to hanging?
3.Can you sleep with ADS?
4.What kind of results does ADS give?

1). Try and get used to it first, so try very low hours to get past any odd feeling. I would say maybe an hour a day tops in the VERY start of it. You can add more down the line after that without a hitch.

2). It is the principle of continual traction or resistance against said member. It is more of an aid to hanging, perhaps cementing, as well as greater flaccid size than a direct comparison to hanging itself. That is just my opinion though.

3). No, don’t do it, too much chance to really hurt yourself by not constantly being awake to monitor your condition.

4). I would say it is more of an aid then a direct plan of attack. It synergistic ally works with the other stuff better than just by itself. You are looking at a bigger flaccid easily. That is really the main result. ADS come in different types. A PM could be considered in that group, but I really don’t. I think of an ADS as a home brew tension tugger really. But others may differ on my view of it.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I found an ADS on EBAY called a Monster pull. Cost was $43.00 with shipping. It weighs 13 ounces and attaches easily or so they say. It’s on the way and I should receive it this week. Sorts looks like two red golf balls welded to a flexible aluminum wire. Should be easily concealable under clothing. He has lighter ones but I don’t think they would do any good.

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