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ADS at work

ADS at work

I work in an office; that means slacks all day long. What ADS system would you recommend for overall comfort but also undetecible under slacks??

Golf weights!

A vac-ads.

The Xleeve (see the review forum), or a vac-ads waist-wrapped.

If anything, ADS will make your junk look huge through your pants.


I recommend this: Cheap, Easy, No Wrap Wench ADS

The Captain’s Wench can also be used, but it’s rather noticeable. The item above is a variation on the Wench. I started using it this morning with no trouble. Much, much smaller.

11/09 - Egms 6.375, Bpel 6.25; 9/10 - Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0 1/12 Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0

And since i’m in my first 2 months of stretching, I should grab an ADS and not an extender to wear all day right?

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