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Adding pumping to the routine


Adding pumping to the routine

So my extender journey is on temporary hiatus. I took apart the extender for a good cleaning because things started getting stuck and it seemed to not fully extend on one side. To my surprise it had two different springs loaded so both sides are not getting the same resistance. However my other extender issue my erection urged me to look at some other things I could add to my routine. I have been doing some serious searching on pumping but have some questions that I couldn’t find clear cut answers on.

1. I hear that maintaining an erection in the pump reduces edema is this correct?

2. How long does it take to fully recover from edema?

3. I would be pumping for short sessions 10 min tops at low pressures for 3 sessions a day tops sound good?

4. What all do I need to purchase to pump? I have read somethings about harbor freight, lapumps, vacutech, pumptoys etc. If I go the harbor freight route what all do I actually need equipment wise?

Thnx guys in advance. My wild erections are slowing down my extender use (but it is getting better). I am hoping this could be a great routine to help keep the ball rolling ie wear extender until random erection then pump rest and back to extender rinse and repeat.

I think you should only start with 5 minute pumping sessions, don’t do too much pressure (avoid sharp pain, fluid buildup, or blisters), then jelq between pumping sets. I believe 10 minutes starting out is too long; then again maybe it isn’t depending on how much pressure you use.

Harbor Treight is a good reasonably priced pump.You can’t go wrong with LAPump, Vacupump, or Pumptoys. Check out the stickies on the pumping forum for guidance on all things related to pumping, especially sizing guides.

Yea I’ve been making my way through pumping 101 that thread is a beast in terms of length but lots of good info.

If you are pumping at low pressure for 30 mins a day, you don’t really have to worry about edema.

Use avocet8’s program to build up time in the cylinder

Here is an “executive summary” I posted in another thread not too long ago. This was basically my pumping routine + some other info:


Rice sock warm-up

Get a hard on, doesn’t have to be 100%. Some theorize 75% will give you better results anyway.

3 or 4 sets, 10 minutes a set

Between sets, come out of the cylinder. You won’t be totally hard, that is normal. Do a few jelqs to move blood around and then massage yourself to erection for 5 mins or so. Then go back in.

Keep the pressure under 5HG. I had the best results at 3 to 4HG

At the end of your pumping routine, get another strong erection to get all the chambers full. If you can’t get hard, you have overdone it. Cut back the next time.


If you want to, wrap your cylinder with a heating pad on low. Not everybody does this. I just started pumping again, and my heating pad is broken. I am not noticing any difference in the expansion I get.

Some guys do a lot of jelqing on the same day they pump. For me it was better to do pumping on one day, jelqing on another.

Most of what I learned about pumping came from gprent, lampwick, petitfaun, avocet8. Most of my routines have been based on things gprent has written.

Obviously you cannot start at 4x10 the first day. Use avocet8’s guidelines for building up time:

Vacuum Pumping 101

Petitfaun and Lampwick helped me figure out the whole “getting a seal” thing here:

Newbie can’t get a perfect seal — is continually pumping the pump ok?

Hope this helps. Any more questions feel free to ask them.

Originally Posted by newshorts
If I go the harbor freight route what all do I actually need equipment wise?

You need

- harbor freight pump
- clear tubing
- male connector
- pump cylinder

I pieced my set-up together - by the time I was done with shipping, it wasn’t that big of a savings over a complete kit.

If I had it to do over again I would get:

- harbor freight brake bleeder pump, pick up at store
- boston pump standard design cylinder and male connector at (I have that cylinder, it is great)
- hose when ever I am at the hardware store

TY a ton sta-kool, yea I have been slowly wading my way through pumping 101.

Time to order a cylinder and some new springs then tomorrow hit the hardware stores.

You do not need clear tubing. I use the tube that comes with the Harbor Frt pump without a problem

Does it matter whether you do your jelqing and pumping as separate sessions or should you do it all in one shot every day?

I think jelqing and pumping are complementary.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

How about 50 jelqs after every pumping set for a total of 30 minutes of pumping and 150 jelqs?

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

Try it out, mostly “listen to your body”.

These two articles are always good at sorting that kind of “listen to your body” stuff out:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

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