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Accurately measuring your stretched flaccid length

Accurately measuring your stretched flaccid length

Don’t try to measure your stretched flaccid length from the fat pad as this can vary with weight loss or gain. Better to measure it in relation to your belly button while standing bolt upright. The top of my glans just happens to hit dead centre on my navel, so I will be checking my flaccid length from now on to see if and when it rises above the navel and by how much.

I agree a non-bone pressed will vary a lot but what’s wrong with the standard bone pressed flaccid stretch length (BPFSL) method?

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The only problem I can see that would make the standard BPFSL method less efficient would be that a larger fat pad will still provide some padding even when the ruler is pressed as far back as it can go. Not all of the fat is going to be able to move away from the pubic bone and allow for a perfect measurement. The bellybutton method also varies quite a bit with weight as the stomach will become rounder as the individual gains weight, thereby increasing the distance along the skin from the base of the penis to the bellybutton.

But to be honest here, if you’re completely ignoring your physical health for PE, then your priorities aren’t straight and you need to reassess. Living a healthy lifestyle as well as doing PE will allow both methods to provide accurate results over time.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

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