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A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

great job man!

Nice post Soon2b9 - finally someone explained all the mumbo-jumbo jargon terms in one place!!



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def. some good info. this will be up here for a while

waouh! Thanks for the training videos.

Good job.

great help with the vids. to tune up my PE’n.

there is a problem with the ULI #3 video… its asking for a login and password from another site? HELP?

These are very great information and thanks to everyone who contributed. But for some reason Im unable to view the videos on my pc. An error comes up saying “couldnt finish initializing application because the file was not found.” Are the videos no longer available for viewing?

The Newbie routing suggests starting with 5 min hot wrap. Where can I find information about this exercise? Does it simply means heat the penis with hot water?

Hi None,

Yes, that is essentially correct. Most use a warmed up washcloth or rice sock and hold it on their member for a few minutes to relax the ligs and other interior elements of the penis, which tends to allow for safer, more productive stretching. Methods vary widely from the previously mentioned washcloths and rice socks, to electric heating pads, to hot baths or showers. For more info, do a search for “hotwrap”. You should find tons of information in the returned threads.

Nicely done.

Nice job, this is very usefull for a reference about the exercises. It’s good to have you here. Later

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this is good..just registered yesterday. Really hope this site helps. Thanks alot

Great thread! :)


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