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A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

This is amazing thread!! Can’t put in words how it is helping me.. Great job!

Thanks to this outrageous site..

This really helpful.

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I have read many pages on different exercises which on is best for girth as I am a beginner

I am so glad that I can find this info.A good place.Thanks !I imagine my cock become ah!

Great stuff but you did not go over edging any body got some advice about that

Great stuff

Thanks by the link

I am a newbie here. I am just adding your link into my favorites. Great aid.


I,m new to this forum. Thanks for this info.

Great post / compilation, soon..

Me a newbie on this forum and had downloaded all videos for references. Just started my jelqs and stretches, wonder it’s really work? However, still give it a try perhaps could gain some length and girth in soon future..

If anyone have extra advice for newbie like me, you are welcome and thanks in advance!!



EL : 6.2”
EG : 5.0”

Goal : EL 8”, EG 5.5-6”

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Thank you for this

I’m new here, this should be a great help


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