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A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Well for one thing, it lets others know if you are in the same country that they are in. Say if you are in Italy, we would not waste our time telling you to go to Home Depot for clamps. Simple little shit like that. We really don’t want you mailing address. ;)

It’s a quote from the film Scarface, it’s not obligatory is it? Sorry if it is, I’ll change it in a minute

Thanks this really helps me as a newbie to PE!

Well done!


Very helpful, great job!

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
No, not obligatory at all. Just don’t tell westla that I said that. :) I didn’t realize it was a quote.

In case this confuses anyone, read my sig. I believe we have a great international community here and knowing where someone lives helps maintain that nice atmosphere.

I guess I should read more threads, or at least search for my nic, to see how often people talk about me when I’m not here. :D

Thanks Soon2b9!


Excellent instructions and a real feeling that I may get somewhere at last. This has given me new heart and seems to have worked wonders straight away.

Great info, thanks.

I’ve been doing my own PE for a while now but just signed up here, this thread is just what I was lookin for.

Yes great I’ve learnt alot thanks

Thanx for the info, I am new, my desire is to be 30cm in long, and a girth circumference of 25 cm.

Anyone willing to help, will be highly appreciated


Thanks alot for all of this info I really hope that it is able to help me

Thx mate


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