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Simple question by a newbie :P

Simple question by a newbie :P

Hi guys,
Glad to have found this forum … I’ve heard about PE and start doing it since 1 week now.

My question is : When you reach your goal, do you stop doing PE ? And do the results are permanent ?

Sorry if the thread already been post somewhere

When ya reach the goal, one might do PE for a little while longer just to make sure the gains will stay. After that, atleast I am going to do some maintaining.

I’m quitting PE within about 3-4 weeks probably. So we’ll see then :D

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I agree with Krowax. I also think that general maintenance after retirement is beneficial for continued good circulation and general penile health.

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What Krowax and DLD said makes sense to me. Good luck with your PE.

Yep, I think that 5 minutes of jelqing daily will be beneficial for penis health.


My beginner routine goes like this :

-30 minutes Manual Stretching ( 5min Straight, left, right, up, down, 30 rotations to left, 30 to right )

-15-20 minutes of Dry Power Jelquing
-5 sets of long slow squeeze of 45 sec each ( increasing 5 sec each week minimum)

I’m PEing since 1 week. Is it a good newbie routine ?

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