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A Little Advice So I Can Move Forward

A Little Advice So I Can Move Forward

For the past 1-2 months I haven’t been able to get a consistent routine going. Not because I am not dedicated, but because my penis won’t let me. I will get a good routine going for about a week (warm up, stretch, jelq, warm down), but soon after my penis will become sore from stretching and will hurt when I try to stretch it. I have been doing your typical newbie manual stretches (straight out, up, down, V and Inverted V) and only spend about 5 minutes tops doing these stretches. I want to stretch my ligs but it feels like I’m stretching the place where I’m gripping, right below the head, more then anything else. That same spot is where the pain comes, usually on the bottom side of my unit right between the shaft and head (not sure what it’s called). I will get the pain, rest a week or two, feel great and go back at my light routine. Usually when I start my routine back up it will feel great and I feel like I’m moving forward until a day or two later the same spot gets real sore and will stop me from keeping a consistent routine. I’m wondering what I injured, how to heal it correctly so I can move on and make some gains and if I can still jelq while I am healing whatever I injured. Any advice whatsoever will be greatly appreciated!

I would lose the v-stretches man, from what I have read those are for people who have been working for a while, I started doing them 2.5 months in.

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Maybe you are stretching with too much force. You could try to use some kind of wrap, or use an ADS device to do the griping for you. I would take some time off from stretching to fully heal and focus on jelqing. You can get a lot done with jelqing in the meantime.

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You just have to back off on the intensity. The key is not force. The key is time at size with moderate force that does not cause damage or pain. PE should be more on the pleasurable side of the equation and not painful. Go for longer times with zero trauma.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks everyone. Yea I think I’m going to start up a solid jelqing routine and throw some light stretching when I feel ready.

Your grip is to hard, way to hard. Perhaps a three week decon break will work for you.

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As in jelq but don’t stretch for three weeks?

Your routine seems overly ambitious for a beginner. Why are you doing v-stretches? Scale it back and keep it simple. Reduce both the intensity and the frequency. You can work both up later.

Don’t be so sure that the pain is actually originating from where you’re feeling it. I had something similar going on when I started PE. I felt pain around the head that turned out to be referred from the base. From my first post:

Originally Posted by hobby
I started with jelqing and manual stretching. The manual stretches (even going easy) caused a pain on the left side of the shaft near the head after a workout for the first month and a half or so. I’d have to take several days to a week or more off from each workout for this pain to go away. Heating on recovery days with the heating pad I use for warm-up seemed to speed recovery. I probably only did 6-8 workouts the first month, if that.

Pay attention to your response and adjust accordingly. That’s the key to getting the most from PE.

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