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A few questions before I start serious PE

A few questions before I start serious PE

I have an extender, and I’ve already gotten an inch out of using it. How does one go about cementing his gains?
Is this something I am going to have to do for the rest of my life or no?
Do I go from using the extender from 5x10hours to just 2 days a week to cement(maintain) my gains or something?

As far as clamping goes, if I am 5.25 EG is that too small to clamp. The clamp doesn’t seem to hold my cock tight enough unless I am really hard or if I place it behind my balls(but I heard that is dangerous).

Also, how much does heat play into extending and PE?

Thx in advance to anyone with anything helpful to add.

I’d suggest reading through the Newbie material in the newbie forum. Your questions about heat/warm ups, routines etc.will be answered. It’s too early for you to be clamping. Get conditioned first. Good luck.

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