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8 x 6 Envy

8 x 6 Envy

Being new to this forum it hasn’t taken me long to realise that there is a definite cock size breakthrough target (akin to breaking the sound barrier). One such target is the 8” x 6” plus. Some of us will work our socks off to get somewhere near this ‘ideal’. For those a way under this size we reluctantly shake our heads with real resignation that we might never get near such a lofty target and can’t really understand why those well-endowed members who are inching away above 8 x 6 are still trying for more. We may even feel a mixture of envy and anger and say ‘Will they ever be satisfied?’ ‘Can’t they let us catch up?’

Where does this leave those of us - probably the majority of members (going by a quick survey of the PE Data Site) - who are average or below average? Are we left with a feeling of being inadequate/inferior? Are most of those in this category here just to add that bit more to what we’ve got not unduly bothered by the size of the big boys? - Or are we getting depressed about our lot? This IS a great site but it shouldn’t have the effect on us that we start to feel inadequate.
What do you think?


7.00 x 5.7 (flaccid 5.75 x 4.9)

Goal: 8 x 6 !!!!

I agree

It really is not how big you are, it’s how you use it. People gotta start just accepting themselves as is, it’s your fault if you let someone make you feel bad. Now I’m pretty large to begin with, but I didnt even know untill a girl had seen me erect. She didnt want me to go near her, also I can scratch any chances of a girl letting me in her ass & ever wanting to be with a girl under 5’6” . People who tie their “masculinity” or “self esteem/confidence” to penis size are foolish. It’s sort of like when “buff” guys walk like they think they’re the shit in a weight room.fuck I hate guys like that.

Best of luck to everyone,



Thanks for those wise words. We need to hear more of the same.
Of course some guys will say - ‘you would say that’ - being well-endowed yourself. In the short time I have been with the forum I have experienced one reaction from a member who seemed to be profoundly depressed about is small size - I really was saddened by that and that is what made me start this particular thread.


7.00 x 5.7 (flaccid 5.75 x 4.9)

Goal: 8 x 6 !!!!

Don’t worry about it. 8X6 is a pretty huge size, a very small percentage of men in the world have this. Properly carried out penis size studies show the averager is smaller then 6”.

Having a bigger penis will not make you a better person. Having bigger muscles does not make you a better person.

Having a high I.Q. Does not make you a better person. Think about how many smart people you know who are so arrogant they have no true companionship or friends?

HOWEVER, in my opinion, the act of setting a goal, and the perseverance and persistence of reaching that goal DOES make you a better person!

Women love a confident man. Nothing builds confidence in a man like setting a goal and being the master of reaching that goal, no matter what that goal is. Unless it’s a one night stand, women rate penis size down around 11 or 12 on their list of important attributes. But it’s a goal to set and reach. For YOU.

Well, before I start rambling: Don’t compare yourself to the studs here, or anywhere. Look where you are at now. Set a goal somewhere between modest and ambitious, and dedicate yourself to reaching it. After you reach that goal, you will have a newfound sense of determination. Re-evaluate your goals, and see if you want to apply this new mastery of yourself to continued PE gains, education, whole-body fitness, financial security, or - better yet - several horizons of self-improvement.

8X6, 150 I.Q. , 6 figure income. None of that makes you a better person. Setting your goal and becoming better than you are now.. Well, THAT makes you a better person. Period.

I’m not huge, always been slightly above average but the way I’ve always looked at it is based on my height, I am pretty proportionate. My brother is 6’1” and has always bragged about having a bigger dick than me, by about 1/2” length, but I just laugh inside because I am 5’6”. Now I know that all the surveys have shown that penis size has nothing to do with height, but it just makes me feel good to know that there are guys a lot taller than me that have the same size or smaller. Thats just my own way of looking at it and I way for me to get past my insecurities. And it kills two birds with one stone because it also helps from becoming insecure with my height which is something I used to really worry about in my teens. But when it comes down to it, Slendercock is right, having a bigger dick won’t change who you are. It may help you get past some insecurities but it has been said before.. No matter how big your dick is, there will always be some dude out there that just has a monster, bigger than yours.

"I am the master of the C.L.I.T." Starting 4/3/05: 6 5/8 BPEL 5 EG (Base) 4 3/8 BPFL 4 FG Current: 7/3/05 7 1/2 BPEL 6 1/2 EG (Base) 5 7/8 BPFL 5 1/4 FG

Great gains, Dangrzne. I’m 6’, and I have the luxury of not really caring much about height. My stepfather is only 5’ 7”. He’s the biggest man I know. I STILL think that old ex-marine could kick my butt without breaking a sweat, even though he’s already had his first heart-attack under his belt!

You know, nature tells a woman that she’s a woman when she bleeds. A boy doesn’t become a man until the man he respects most tells him that he is a man. Well, that’s my theory.

Women like to feel protected. Tall men seem to instinctively convey that feeling. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary, though. When inner strength shines through, protection is assured. Any person worth knowing can sense the projection of TRUE power.

I think we give women too much power when we are concerned about what “most women like.” I don’t care what MOST women like because, frankly, I’m not interested in MOST women! Let’s us be the best men WE can be, because that is what we deserve.

Danged. I’ve been drinking too much Vodka tonight and I’m getting too philosophical, aren’t I?

Do Not Envy the Bigger Guys!

As per Keirs’s original post: Do Not Envy the Bigger Guys!

There are sort of two camps here: Those with less than average, and those average or more. In my mind, it seems reasonable that the less-than-average guys would seek out a PE site for obvious reasons. I would call this normal, or understandable. But smaller guys: do not envy the “bigger guys” that are here. I am a little above average myself, and I think in some ways some of us actually deserve PITY! The smaller guys have a physical, and CHANGEABLE (perceived) shortcoming. Many bigger guys have a MENTAL, and less easily changeable shortcoming. Google “body dysmorphic disorder” to see what I mean; it’s something I think is common on this site. It is like the musclebound bodybuilder who thinks he is a girly-man, or the 75 pound anorexic that thinks she is too fat.

As other threads have mentioned, from a “attractiveness” perspective, we would be better off investing PE time in working out, or developing other talents. (As Slendercock said earlier, “women rate penis size down around 11 or 12 on their list of important attributes”…) So why do the “average to bigger guys” still want more?


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

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Ok I’ll contribute.

Envy can exist in any man’s mind.

My stats are decent, I suppose. 7.5” NBP x 6” (7” @ base) Upward curve, yada yada.
But I definitely want atleast another inch in length. And considering I haven’t gained in like a year, it’s a cruel fate.

Regardless of my size, it’s a fact known only to me, no woman’s ever seen it!
Soooo, what exactly is it doing for me? Not a whole hell of alot.

Who would envy a phallus that doesn’t get used?

I’m convinced that a man without legs who believes that he will one day walk, is far more likely to walk than a man with legs who believes he is not capable of walking.

The mind is a freakishly powerful thing!

don't envy PE achievers

I can understand feeling in adequate, as I do myself (I’m 6.625” x 5.25”), but don’t envy the guys here that have earned their size. I envy the guys out there that were born with large cocks. I read many swinger’s and poly people’s adds, they often mention cock size. That makes me feel inadequate.

Why do big guys want more?

People like to capitalize on their natural assets. We all have many “potentials” that we can choose to try to achieve, and we tend to devote the most effort into developing the attributes or talents on which we have a shot of being “the best.” Ever notice how many natural mesomorphs fill the gym, natural intellects fill the academy, etc. etc.? How the most naturally beautiful women are the ones who also seem to put the most effort into looking even better through their clothes and makeup?

People are usually ego-invested in those things where they’re most gifted. The big guy, therefore, who is shot down by a woman over his size may be hurt more than the small guy, who never regarded his member as one of his “strong suits” as a lover.

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Oh, I should note that I’m not saying the phenomenon noted above is sensible. It’s just an observation of how things seem to be, oftentimes, even if it’s “crazy.”

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I certainly agree with those who have commented along the lines of be thankful for what you’ve got and dick size is not the end all of being a confident and balanced individual. As far as what turns women on - most surveys point to not the bulge in the crotch but a firm and shapely butt. That is certainly what attracts my wife. That and personality and performance.


7.00 x 5.7 (flaccid 5.75 x 4.9)

Goal: 8 x 6 !!!!

>>>a firm and shapely butt.<<<

No kidding! Women consistently name “ass” as their favorite male body part in the surveys I’ve seen. Too bad it’s almost as hard to build a muscular butt (if born with a non-existent one) as it is to build a big dick!

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