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urethra envy?


urethra envy?

I’m convinced that a guy at my office has a freakishly large urethra. This is based just on the sound of his pissing at the urinal the couple of times I’ve been in the office men’s room the same time as him; I could just TELL that he spouts a thick stream. Ergo, an unusually wide urethra.

And it got me to wondering. Not that I’d ever thought about it before, but I would have assumed that all guys have more or less the same size urethra. But could it vary quite a bit? If so, would it tend to correspond to penis size (i.e. the thicker the cock, the thicker the urethra), or would it be more independent of penis size (much as penis size itself is pretty much independent of body size)? Or perhaps this guy does “UE”. Apparently, there is such a thing, according to a Savage Love column I read years ago. It involves inserting stainless steel rods of increasing diameter down the pee hole. Probably a very rare practice, as that column was the only mention I’ve ever heard of it.

It could be quite possible that he is pissing real hard purposely, or that he is really tall so the piss hits the toilet faster due to acceleration of gravity?


He’s not tall. And I’d rule out the pissing hard hypothesis too: it didn’t sound like a fast or strained stream, but a large, free-flowing one.

I have heard of guys “sounding,” or whatever they call it when they shove rods down their pee hole, but I thought that was usually a weird fetish-type thing. However, I can vouch for PE (mainly heavy girth work)enlarging my urethra. Maybe your co-worker PEs or has a really thick unit.


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It could depend if he is cut or uncut maybe. I notice that my my piss is a lot thinner and quicker (almost like a jet hose) when im pulled back but fatter and slightly slower when not. Therefore if he is not cut it could just sound like a lot, oh and he has a big bladder :)

He could be hitting the deepest part of the water. When I pee and I know there are women around (aunt, cousin)

I hit the back of the toilet (right above the water) and it makes a different sound(quieter) than when I hit the deepest part

Urethra size vary. In some medical article there was mentioned the case of inserting AAA battery into urethra which sounds fairly large to me.
Keep in mind that inserting ‘stainless steel rods’ or anything to make urethra larger is very dangerous.
You might get urinal infection, rupture of urethra, damage of the prostate valve and later possibly urethral stricture disease which makes urethra less in diameter, not the thing you really want. I would not recommend to try any insertions.

(sorry for bad English)

The dangers of the rods is that you can damage sensitive parts of the urethra, which can lead to painful urination, infection , ejaculation etc. Developement of scar tissue will impede urinal flow as well as semen flow. It could be so bad that it back flows into your bladder. A wider urethra would also diminish strength and speed of your ejaculate. You’ll dribble instead of squirt. I’d say don’t mess with this part of your body. I speak from experience. Luckily I mostly recovered but I can’t ejaculate 10 feet anymore :P Story of what a horny curious 16 year old boy would do to his dick.

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Believe me, guys, I have no interest in enlarging my urethra; just curious about a topic that never comes up here. Cyborg: though it’s not as interesting an explanation, I would say it’s possible that it’s just a matter of where he’s aiming his stream. Or, he could in fact have a fat one and/or do PE.

Jeldingmaster: AAA battery?! Definitely large! Ouch!

I found this an interesting Thread especially in light of the changes in my pissing strength over the years and now, again suddenly changing over the past two weeks.

As a young man when I took a piss it was often thunderous and I took pride in my prowess. Over the years it had slowed considerably to the point of being a concern especially after being reminded of my lost strength hearing a young co-worker taking a thunderous wiz. I wondered if his prowess at the toilet bowl, and mine in by gone years, may be a sign of urethra, bladder or prostate health, or some combination of the three, or something altogether unrelated.

Faithfully practicing my kegel, anti-kegel and even my bladder muscle exercises, I expected my stream to improve through PE but after two months my emissions had continued to be feeble until, quite suddenly, about two weeks ago.

My stream showed tremendous improvement and then began getting stronger by the day. Today it made a very noticeable jump in power. I speculate that my muscle strengthening exercises may be of some help, but I have also made one other change that coincides with my new found strength. I started drinking two to three glasses of black cherry juice a day about two weeks ago and shortly thereafter passing urine became stronger. I use about 30 g (2T) black cherry concentrate in a glass of cold water, about 90 g concentrate a day.

I have searched the Internet and can find nothing about flow pressure in passing urine other than it’s decrease in the case of an enlarged prostate gland. As an experiment, I plan to continue taking the juice until I find my strength stabilizes. Then I will stop taking the juice to see if pissing strength decreases.

Either way I will eventually continue taking black cherry juice as it is good for keeping uric acid, a powerful anti-oxidant, in suspension, is an anti-oxidant itself, may have anti-cancer properties, and seems to be a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It corrects and protects against gout, not a problem I have yet to suffer. Might it be possible that black cherry juice is good for the prostate gland, the urethra, the bladder or has some effect on muscle tissue, the electrolytes, inflammation, or some aspect that concerns urination? Any knowledgeable guys out there? Anyone else want to join the experiment. Of course, the muscles could be the hero and the cherry juice has had no effect. That is why it is such an interesting question. Does pissing indicate health?

Point. Guys suffering from a bashful bladder might find it easier to start their flow in public washrooms if indeed cherry juice helps in urination.

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I know that cranberry juice and/or cranberry extract is suppose to help with urinary tract health and possibly prevent and get rid of urinary tract infections.

Originally Posted by ShyMplsMale
I know that cranberry juice and/or cranberry extract is suppose to help with urinary tract health and possibly prevent and get rid of urinary tract infections.

Actually, ShyMplsMale (did I get that right, bud)

I was mixing some cranberry juice in with my little Cherry. Forgot to mention. Thank for adding. Now, get to bed!


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Also look at the opening of your cock hole.. Me.. I have a small hole with a blind hole (most cocks have a hole that covers the tip, I have to holes, but the top one only goes about 3mm deep. The one benefit of having a small hole is cumming a meter or 2. One problem is I some times hit the wall above my bed.

Could this effect girth in anyway?

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