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3 month update

3 month update

I gained 0.1” length this month, and no gains in girth again. I’m now at 6.1” x 4.2”. It has become apparent that I don’t gain girth from the newbie routine. Even though there is no girth gain, my penis feels denser, does it mean anything? It seems good. My plan is to continue with the newbie routine for month 4, and as long as it continues to yield length gains. I want to add pumping because my girth is small, but I am remaining patient while I gain length. I have read that length gains come easier if they are done before gaining girth. My goal size is 7” x 5” and perhaps I will add pumping once I get closer to my length goals. It is a real possibility that I will get impatient because of my small girth, and just start doing girth work, but I think I will make it one more month with just newbie routine at least.

You say your unit feels denser? Is it denser while flaccid or erect? If denser while flaccid this usually indicates some overtraining. If my dick ever feels dense while flaccid I take a few days off until it feels pliable again. Maybe take a week or two off and see how you respond after that. I notice the more pliable while flaccid I am the greater expansion I get during my routine. It seems like if my cock feels dense or cord like it doesn’t want to expand as easy.

Yes denser when flaccid. It feels normal when erect. When I read your message I just realized, maybe I have gained flaccid girth. I had not measured it since pre-PE. Sure enough I have gained 0.3” flaccid girth since pre-PE (which was my last measurement of FG). From 3.4” to 3.7”. Maybe this is the density feeling I’m getting, but I will take your advice anyway. it is good to take a week off here and there, and I think it’s actually feeling denser even with that girth included.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Well that’s a good flaccid gain! But a decon break might not be a bad idea. I’m no expert but if you think about it if the inner tissue is “harder” it’s going to be harder to make it expand to greater sizes because it is giving more resistance back. I overtrained slightly and I definitely felt more cord like while flaccid. I took three days off and it is back to feeling very pliable. Keep us posted on what happens after your break! Taking breaks does suck though, PE is just too damn fun haha!

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