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3 day break

3 day break

I really want to do PE, but I can’t really jelq on Friday-Sunday, because that’s when people are in the house. I do it m-Th every other day, and have noticed that my flaccid length seems just a bit better, but I haven’t noticed erect or girth. My question is if there is a way that I should arrange those four days I have the house alone. I was doing Monday on Tuesday off, Wednesday on, Thursday off, and wonder if I should redo it to say Monday Tuesday on Wednesday off Thursday day on, then Thursday on, or if I should do Monday on, Wednesday off, Tuesday Thursday on. Trying to maximize the prospect with my current available time.

Or should I work stretching in on the weekends which I can easily do in the shower.

I would do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday on.

Yes Gprent has got it right, Stretching on the weekends in the shower is also good, got to love those stretches

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I have been doing 4 on 3 off since I started. I have three day weekends with my job and don’t want to interupt my weekends with PE. I’ve had good gains so far with this schedule.

I don’t do PE’s on the weekends. The weekends tend to be the time of the week where things go on in the bedroom. ;-)

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