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3/4" noob gain in 3 months

3/4" noob gain in 3 months

Hey guys. When I first started doing exercises I didn’t take BP measurements. All that I cared about was how much of my cock was visible to the rest of the world.
I measured myself at the start of my “pe career”. I recorded 5 3/4” inches with an average erection and 6” on the dot with a solid erection.

In the past two months I really haven’t had a set routine. I can’t seem to follow a rigid routine as I’m such an adventurous person, I don’t like doing the same old all the time.

Month 1 -. I did short 50-100 jelq sessions every second day. This is all I did. Just short jelqs
Months 2 and 3 - I bought myself the vac hanger + vac extender. I’ve been throwing in a couple of 30 minute hanging sessions with 10 pounds every now and then. I can’t seem to multi task while hanging so I only did it about once every week. Did the occasional 10 minute stretching sessions as well. About every 3rd day. Damn looking at this stuff now shows how lazy I have been.
The only thing I managed to do consistently was before I would go to sleep I would use the vac extender for about 1 hour on a very high tension. And by high tension I mean HIGH. Like 1” over my erect length. It took a while to stretch it out that far. I would be able to stretch it out to +1/2” easily. After 10 minutes of stretching at that length I would increase the length by 1/4”. Keep it stretched at that length for another 10 or so minutes and then bump it up again by another 1/4”. It never really hurt. I could really feel a strong pull on my penis but it was never exactly painful.
So I measured myself today at full erect length and recorded 6 3/4” non bone pressed and a tad over 7” bone pressed. I have a very athletic body so my fat pad is just about nothing.

I’m not sure exactly what exercise gave me the most of my gains. Although jelqing was something that I couldn’t get myself to do regularly. I’m uncut so I usually did my jelqs dry. I found that with jelqs I could get erections really easily and then doing jelqs at high erection levels was very painful. Doing the jelqs at low erection level didnt seem to leave any strain on my penis. Like my penis felt and looked absolutely normal at the end I just felt like I had wasted 20 minutes.
The stretching sessions gave me huge stretches on my ligs though. I could feel the ligs burning as I did my stretches. I used my vac extender headpiece to get a firm grip of my penis when doing my stretches. This gave me a much stronger grip to stretch with. I was able to feel alot of lig burn in all directions.
I don’t think hanging 10 pounds once a week really did anything. I hung straight down and felt alot of lig burn on my upper ligs. However I have heard of people who have logged like 500 hours with 18pounds who haven’t gained anything at all so I don’t think the hanging was responsible for my gains.
So it was either the stretching or the high tension extender, what do you guys think?
Oh and no I have never used a heat wrap. And no I didn’t follow the newbie program. What I wrote above is exactly what I did from day one until now.

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Outstanding. I’ve had good newbie gains, too, but I was almost the opposite of you. I PE’d every chance I got. I guess it just goes to show there are many ways to make your dick bigger, and what doesn’t work for one person might work for someone else. Congratulations on your gains.

September 20, 2007: BPEL: 5.8 inches, EG: <5.5 inches

March 15, 2008: BPEL: 7.6 inches, EG: 5.75 inches

Yes, that's a gain of 1.8 inches. And no... That's not my real picture.

Wow, I’ve not long been doing PE and it is great to see that such gains are possible to attain so early.

I will be happy if I gain half that size in six months, keep it up and you’ll be able to smash bricks with your cock from a foot away by next Easter!

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