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Clamping for months but no gain


Clamping for months but no gain

I’ve been clamping for almost 4 months but have seen no gains in girth. I have tried intensities everywhere from just expanded but still very comfortable to extremely high pressure that was almost unbearable and somewhat frightening. I have tried different levels within this range for periods of several weeks in a row always with the same result of nothing. I have tried 3 10minute sets per day, 4 sets, 3 15minute sets, etc — all the common approaches. I am clamping very consistently 5-6 days a week. I am confident that I’m not overtraining as I have no negative PIs, no general indications that I doing too much.

I’m getting discouraged. A measly .05” gain by now and I’d be 100% content, but right now I have zero positive reinforcement/signs that clamping is ever going to do anything. Girth is what I want most.

Any words of wisdom, advice, encouragement?

I know the frustration, lol… if I could only get like a tiny little gain to at least show that the exercise is working.

How much do you usually gain by the end of your session?

Right now I’m doing erect bending and can never get over 0.25 inches gained in girth by the end of the session no matter what I do.

Oh yeah, I should have included that — while I’m clamped my girth expansion is .4” (from 5.1” to 5.5”).

Some put it down to putting a slight restrictor on after the exercise (cock ring, wrap) to keep some engorgement.
Some say INTENSE clamping can give you proper gains.
Some say stretching after a clamp workout is essential.
Some say clamping alone isn’t enough, jelqing combined with a proper stretching routine should also be added to the mix.

The last one was me but I agree with all of them to some extent.
Clamping alone as shock therapy helped me for a month. But now results are little or none. And the gain in length did give my girth a hit. However, the fact that my penis is constantly exhausted lessens the frequency of rock hard boners which is despiriting because you don’t see the blatantly longer dick as much unless you’re very horny (well thats just me)

So I have reverted to jelqing and stretching, but first I’m taking a break to help my penis heal.

Another thought could be that you have overworked your dick, doing this doesn’t help show results, perhaps a decon. break? Or switch up the routine, or lighten it somewhat…

5.5” girth is still a lot. Good work :D

Originally Posted by Okish6er
5.5” girth is still a lot. Good work :D

I agree. I’d love to take my 4.5” girth to 5.5”. I’ll get there one day.

I haven’t had much luck with clamping either.. Two questions for you though:

1. Has any other methods worked for you?
2. How long does your girth stay at 5.5” after you have removed the clamps? Or does it revert to it’s normal size immediately?

vkn1, I have exactly the same problem. It seems that clamping doesn’t work for me.

Clamping alone did nothing for me.

It wasn’t until I combined it with pumping and manual exercises that I began to see gains.

I’m in the same boat guys. I get .3 inch expansion from clamping but it never stays with me.

Cut back, I do a five to ten minute workout,and that includes everything

Clamping alone does nothing for me either. I cut down my sets from 10 minutes to 5 and use double clamps. I now pump with moderate pressure for 10 minutes a set. in between clamping sets. If this does noting for me as far as girth nothing will.

For all of you people who say that clamping did nothing alone are you saying that once you included some post pumping or jelqing you started to see gains?

I usually do some light stretching, then 30 min of jelqing and then the last thing I do is clamp for 3x10 at the end. If the secret was to just switch the order of those exercises, I’d be speechless.

Two things I should clarify:
Firstly, I am also doing light hanging (5lbs) for couple hours a day which I consider comparable to stretching, or at least not significantly more intense or exhausting (I just do it instead because I can’t seem to manually stretch without putting more pressure on glans than I comfortable with).

Secondly, I lose the expansion as soon as I remove the clamps.

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