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6 months no gain


6 months no gain

Been pumping for 6 months,different routines ,tried everything manual aswell =0.0 x 0.0 gain.

Could you specify? Length / reps of workouts etc…

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6 months no gain

I have done the 101 routine to the letter, i have tried rwg”s low pressure 2hg for 4x10minutes,i have tried pulsing 3-7hg for 3-4 x5minutes sets .I have done every manual exercise there is between sets.I have varied days 5 on 2 off ,2 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off ,4 on 3 off, or 2 workouts a day for 4 days with 2 days with one workout and 1 day rest.All for 0 gain

That has to be real disappointing. I’m very surprised the manual work alone didn’t give you some gain.

What now, are you thinking?



no gain 6 months

Well i think I’m a freak,this is just another disappointment in a list of many,i cant get over how unlucky i am.To be honest i don’t know what to do now,give up or look at surgery?

at least you’ve not wasted 18 months

I didn’t see any gains for at least 9 months. Stick with it, you’ll see gains in time. Your like me, a slow gainer.


What have you got to lose, liquidlust1? Maybe you are a slow gainer. (Well, not maybe! :-)

Consider, too, that all this work of yours has improved your penile vascular system over what it was. That is always a gain.



If I was in your position, I’d take a couple of weeks break (charge batteries) and then definitely try something really, really hard core. Like two sessions a day each lasting about an hour ; 6on-1off or no off days at all. Sticking with it at least for two months.

A Man behind his mask.

no gain 6 months

Might try a 2 week break,i gave up smoking 3 days ago ,i wonder if smoking has had an adverse effect on gains.Another thing after i masturbate my penis aches for hours after is that normal?

No, it’s not normal for your penis to ache after your masturbate. You should feel nothing painful, during or after.

Where’s the ache, can you isolate it? Like in the urethra, that tube that runs up the bottom of your shaft, or in the tissue of the shaft?



6 months no gain

Yes the urethra kind of stings,and if i do a slight squeeze about 50% erect the top 2/3rd’s of my shaft aches, especially around the base of the glans,massaging the whole unit feels tender as well

Ha Liquidlust1

I don’t know what the 101 routine is but have you tried warm water pumping. I used to pump and when I stopped I decide that if I ever pump again it would always include warm water pumping. I found it to be the best method for me. 10mins sets then minium rest (only long enough to get some milking in and fill the cylinder with new warm water) then back into the session again.

I didn’t make many gains just a little bit of girth increase right at the base but was able to constantly increased my lenght while under the pump progressively. When I started I could only use 1 3/4” cylinder and when I stopped I was up to 2 1/4. If my gain was be able to use bigger and bigger cylinders then I sort of succeeded. However for the time and effort I put in I was disappointed with results hence my approach is now different.

I think pumping does have the potential to work but must be done very carefully. I pumped once and had blood come out my japs eye. Now that is not could methodoligy but I learnt more and more about pumping. Don’t give up just keep on keeping on. I am learning hanging and it can be a real piss off but I believe I can make it happen and will not give up untill it works for me and I achieve what I desire. Just try to pump smarter not harder because I KNOW now that hard pumping gets you bugger all. Well it did with me anyway!


I kinda know how you feel buddy. I hung weights for 6 months or better and only gained in the flaccid state (1- 1.5”), just a little in erect length. Talk about disappointed! I’ve only been pumping for 7 weeks straight and really don’t know the answer but maybe Johan has got something there.

I know when I hung weights I’d sometime need to back off a few days to recharge. It appears (to me anyway) the body gets immune to certain things and just needs a good ole rest. You got me thinking though. Do you (or anyone else) think pumping is an accumulative workout?

In order to gain one must keep what one has already gained and build on it.. true? What’s the best way to do that with pumping- keep “slowly” increasing time/sets and pressure over the months? And does a cockring help keep what you’ve worked for? I’ve been using a C-R for 3 wks and it does seem to help.

Bottom line. If you just keep pumping steady (over time) you should increase with time. Lately I’ve noticed I plump up quicker and larger, early in the set than I was (that’s a good sign… yes?) liquidlust1, I’m cut and was wondering if you have grown a new foreskin in 6 months time of pumping? I’m not crazy about getting a foreskin but just curious. I understand it comes with the territory.



I agree with Johan. Taking a break and then starting up again might be the way to go. Change your routine regularly. Your ‘workouts’ shouldn’t be too consistent.

I smoke from time to time, nothing serious. I got sick one day and didn’t smoke for two weeks. I noticed that erections during jelqing were much harder and my penis seemed more responsive. It’s documented proof that smoking limits blood flow. This could be a big plus on your side should you be able to eliminate cigarettes from your life.

Best of luck!

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