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2 Months results

2 Months results

Wish I had taken some more measurements to ensure more accurate measurement.

But I did take two or three measurements with the same ruler bone pressed (actually off to the side slightly, pressed as hard as I could without pain). When I measured the first time in mid-february 2010 I saw between 6.125” and 6.25”. Just measured again and it was consistantly over 6.5”. Not by alot, but as long as I measured what felt like the same way the first time, it was easily over the 6.5” mark.

The real surprise. I measured girth mid-shaft with a tape measure the first time (mid-feb.). This method I think was a bit more precise. I pulled the tape measure around a couple spots mid-shaft, pulled it tight enough to remove any slack and then kegeled. I got a measurement of just a fraction of a fraction of an inch over 5”. I called it 5 even. Tonight, I did the same technique and got over 5.125”, probably much closer to 5.25”.

I’d love to get over 7” BPEL, preferably a little over 7” NBPEL, but the girth was something I decided I wanted more and more the longer I got into this. If I can get to 7.75”BPEL and 5.75” or better in EG…Man I will be so psyched. My wife won’t be too upset either.

If I can get another good measurement in a couple months and I’m pushing 6.75” BPEL I’m definately changing my screen name.


Feb. 2010 - 6" BPEL x 5" MSEG

Goal 1. Gain enough to change profile name

Goal 2. Get to atleast 7.5" x 5.75" (who knows, it's up to wifey if I want to shoot for higher) so I can feel solidly above average.

Hey man,

Congrats on the gains, I’m in the same boat.. Had about 8mm in length and girth gains.. My scepticism is now resting and my new passion for PE developing.. Lets hope both of us and everyone else continue to gain without injury.. I’m at pretty much similar stats to you, so it will be interesting to see how we both go.. Good luck :)

Congratulations on the gains! I think I’m sensing a change from sceptical to believing!

:_pump: :donatecar

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