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Not Having Any Luck - 5 Months In

Not Having Any Luck - 5 Months In

Hi. I wanted to sign up here a while back, but at the time registration was closed. Glad to see it is open again :)

I have been using a stretcher for several months. Despite working from home, I have found it hard to wear the device for long periods of time due to it not being particularly comfortable. 4 hours is the most I can wear it for and I no longer increase the traction as it makes it slip of and more uncomfortable. As mentioned I have been wearing the device for several months. Although, there has been periods that I have not worn it, I have generally worn it for 3 hours+ a day and probably no more than 6 hours a day. At the moment, I am mainly wearing it at night.Although I find it at the foot of my bed every morning, often with no recollection of taking it off.

In the time I have been wearing it, I have only had very small erect gains, just a few mm at which I am very disappointed from wearing it for 5 months. Unfortunately, I did not measure my flaccid length. This may have increased. At the very least, my penis has become more stretchy as I have added bars to the extender, which I found it very hard to use when I first got it, but now fit easily.

So, I am looking for advice from anyone who has had success with stretchers and also anyone’s recommendations of alternatives. As mentioned, I work from home, so have a lot of time to invest in this and am willing to put in the hard slog. The jelq routines seem to be quite highly regarded here. Does anyone have any advice for them?

My current length is 7.5 inches. I have never measured girth, but guess it is probably 5.5 inches. I would love to be able to get up to 9 in length, but even 8 would be great :)

The stretcher I have been using is X4Labs. Don’t think much of their documentation for anyone who is considering buy, nor their results - unless I am doing something wrong. I would expect 5 months of moderate dedication to yield at very least 1/8 growth.

Welcome to the boards! The vets here would recommend you start with the NEWBIE ROUTINE which can be found at the top of the Newbie Forum. Maybe give that a go for 3 months or so, and see if you reap better gains from the excercises than your extender. Maybe the reason why you havent gained a whole lot from your extender is because your penis had no prior conditioning (jelqs, stretches).

So get on it! Hehe

EDIT: But if you don’t want to go with the newbie routine you should look into Captains Wench device. Just do a search in the forums and you’ll find it. I’ve heard good things.

I think ADS is a Pain in the ass. I’ve been at it for over a year and only recently with some crazy hang sessions have I gained. So it doesn’t work for everyone.

Also most ADS guys only wear them to cement gains they are getting from manual stretching, or hanging. From the sounds of your post your only using the stretcher.

I’m sure ADS can work as a stand alone routine, but you would have to do a job that allows you to be fairly motionless, so you can keep the tension constant, and the ADS gripping properly.

I think at the least you need to do some stretching before, and possibly after wearing your ADS to get some real gains.

I’m not sure about Formygirlfriend’s comment about your penis not being conditioned. IMO, lack of conditioning should have helped you get gains from your minimal routine, as opposed to hindering them. The ADS on it’s own just likely isn’t enough, or the tension isn’t high enough.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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ADS and stretchers are designed to apply a moderate stretch to the penis over a long period of time. From the name ADS (All Day Stretch) you can conclude that it should be applied for a long period of time. So three, four, or five hours will not give you the required results.

Another thing you mentioned is that you can’t apply enough traction, or your penis will slip out of the device. This is another problem. And you said that it’s uncomfortable.

these problem can be solved by upgrading the device. The captn’s wench PE device, mentioned by fromygirlfriend, is very good attachment. It’s comfortable, so you can wear it for a long time.

I think manual exercises is essential if you want want some serious gains, so why you don’t just do it. You work from home man, so you have the time needed. I wish I’m in your position.

What’s the device you are using, pedavid?

Anyway, you should not use any device on your penis while sleeping: it’s dangerous, and counterpoductive; while you sleep, you have nite woods, your HGH is raising etc. etc.. Bumping this delicate process is exactly what you should avoid.

And, in the short term, a balanced, manual based routine (like the newbie routine) will give you better results than using an extender. It’s better to use an extender when gains from manual exercises will stop.

Hi. I purchased the x4 extender 5 months ago, and contrary to you, I have already gained 3/4 inch in Erect length 6.7 to 7.5 and 1/4 inch in girth 5.75 to 6 inches.

The difference, knowledge!. As I was wearing the extender, I extensively searched the x4 message boards, where I was referred to here and have been voraciously reading information from the veterans who have actually gained. Wear the advice as long as you can stand it at max tension. (1800 grams). If you can’t get it to max safe tension with the bars you have, buy extension bars. (I have so far added an extra 1 and a half inches of extension bars to keep me at max tension). I can only go 1 to 1 1/2 hours without a break. Instead of wearing the extender for 4 hours, wear it for 3 1/2 and spend the last 1/2 hour jelqing and stretching. Ie: the newbie routine.

There were a few veterans on the x4 message board back in May and June. They were big contributors here as well. Unfortunately, they seemed to have disappeared leaving a big knowledge void over there. Lots of extender users, but nobody knowing what their doing, and consequently little gains.

An extender is just a device used to temporarily stretch the penis. Although some people can gain something with just this, most people need to do other things. Stretching/hanging etc. I feel that the extender fatigues the ligaments and then the jelqing stretching that I do IMMEDIATELY afterward is what causes the microtears that are responsible for my gains.

I’ve recently bought a vac hanger as well and notice that this really isolates the ligaments in a way that the extender never could.

The key thing if something isn’t working is to diversify. Add stretches and jelqs and prepare for the long haul. I experienced very little measurable gains for the first 3 months before things just started taking off. Good luck!

Toobsnake what do you use the noose or the comfort strap as a doctor?



I’ve been using the same device, and have only used the noose; however, it seems the rim of my head is becoming irritated from it. Plus, it seems like it needs to be too snug while strapped in, and I’m quite tripped out about cutting off the circulation to my head. So I’m interested in using the straps provided. I’m sure there are other threads on how to properly wrap when using an extender.

srry to hear that

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Put your stretcher in your junk drawer, take several weeks off and then do one of the newbie routines. If it is a noose based product, throw it away.

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine
NEW newbie + advanced routine

I did something similar to the second one and had some good newbie gains with it.

Wanting to reiterate something Marinera said - never wear a PE device at night. Too dangerous.

Originally Posted by pedavid
My current length is 7.5 inches. I have never measured girth, but guess it is probably 5.5 inches.

Congratulations! Your starting stats are my retirement goals.

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Originally Posted by sta-kool
Put your stretcher in your junk drawer, take several weeks off and then do one of the newbie routines. If it is a noose based product, throw it away.

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine
NEW newbie + advanced routine

I did something similar to the second one and had some good newbie gains with it.

Wanting to reiterate something Marinera said - never wear a PE device at night. Too dangerous. Congratulations! Your starting stats are my retirement goals.

Why throw it away if it is a noose based product? Do these tend to not work as well? And is the X4 Lab extender a noose based product?


It comes with a noose and comfort straps as the two different options you have.

Not throwing it away, but am taking Sta-Kool’s advice and just stinking with manual methods, I.e., jelqing and stretching. However, I do wish to hear something from Sta-Kool on WHY I should throw it away, some kind of supporting evidence or SOMETHING lol. If you read my post above, I stated MY reason for wishing to break from it.

I do not have the option of wearing an extender for the ridiculous amounts of time that the commercial extender manufacturers recommend.

I use my homemade extender to supplement my manual stretching routine.

I use it at a higher tension (4 to 6 pounds) for shorter times (45 to 90 minutes) so I can multitask in the mornings, and then throughout the day I do manual stretching as much as I can make time for.

This routine of consistent stretching has resulted in a .5” gains over 4 months. (woohoo!)

I feel like commercial extenders are sold as a simple “put it on and forget it” solution to penis enlargement, which just isn’t true. If you want to grow you need to make a conscious mental and physical effort over a considerable period of time.

There is no “easy” way.

There is no spoon.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Some people might just be hard gainers I suppose. I haven’t gained a millimeter one month in. My only advice based on the hours I’ve spend on this forum would be if you try something new, don’t wait 5 months to see if there are any results. I’m guessing a month or two should be adequate enough time to test a routine.

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Extender Suppliment

I am relatively new, but I don’t believe an extender is a worthless device.

I just started the newbie routine, and I wear my extender in between my AM and PM work outs.

I use very small amounts of traction force because just the newbie routine alone seems to be quite powerful.

This small force makes it so my dick never goes into that retraction stage. I feel like this is working tremendously well for me and I will update you at the end of this month how a combo of newbie and stretcher device works.

I love my life

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