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100 erect on jelquing.and other newbie questions

100 erect on jelquing.and other newbie questions

I’m using the newbie routine. After a few minutes of jelqing, my penis becomes fully erect and the only way I can make it more flaccid is to stop touching it. I read that jelqing at 80+% is not good, especially for a beginner. Also I wish to focus more on length than girth (although I do realize girth is important) and jelqing at high erection levels focus more on girth. Are there any methods to use so that I won’t become so erect?

Also, I am afraid that doing PE exercises will cause my penis to become to veiny. I don’t mind the large, center veins, but the tiny red ones on the surface (capillaries?) are unattractive to me. Are there any ways to mitigate these effects?

Finally, I just turned 18 two months ago and may still be growing naturally. Is PE healthy at this stage?

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

We have a very nice search facility here (button, top right of every page). All of the things you’ve asked have been asked many times before. A bit of searching will answer most newbie questions.

You’re correct that the only way to make the erection go down is to stop touching yourself. New guys have to do that until they get used to doing exercises. It’s a common complaint. You’re also correct that jelqing at high erection levels can lead to injuries. Stop when you have to then continue at a lower erection level until your penis is used to being manipulated.

Veins are inevitable. The tiny red ones generally don’t last, but others may enlarge and there’s not much to do to prevent it if you’re jelqing.

PE is healthy if you’re careful. Younger members tend to overdo things in their enthusiasm. If you natural growth is still occurring, so much the better.

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