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Newbie questions

Newbie questions


I’ve been lurking for a week or so and have read a fair amount of the FAQ and newbie stuff, but I still have a few questions:

My measurements are 7” BPEL and 4-3/4” EG. I occasionally whack my wife’s cervix, so I’m not sure if I want to add length, but I think she’d enjoy a fatter penis. Is it possible to add girth without adding length?

Are gains permanent or will they eventually atrophy without exercise?

I’ve read that the kegel is used to ‘stop the flow’ when you take a piss and exercising it will lead to stronger erections.” I can wiggle my dick, but I’ve never been able to stop the flow. However, my erections are strong enough to hang a towel from. Are kegel exercises something I need to be concerned about?


Whats up man.. I’m a newbie to. I believe there are exercises that are just for girth. Just read up on the exercises man in the newbie form. I think squeezes and jelqing focus primarily on girth though jelqing is for length also. Good luck on the girth gains man. READ up!


Hey Joe, Welcome to the world of posting. I believe kegels are important to everyone. I think it’s odd that you can wiggle your dick but can’t stop the flow of urine.

Yes you can gain girth without length (you may gain some length). Try jelqing at about 75% erect (just under a full erection). There are other execises that just focus on girth, but I’d start off with jelqing first untill you get conditioned enough to try more advanced exercises.

Are gains permanent? Good question. I think that you will retain some of your gains if you stop, but not all. So the goal is to never stop. I personally plan on doing some form of PE forever. Even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. I think the penile health results are well worth the effort.


Dont worry about gaining length, read the info on “cul-de-sac” stimulation - do a search for it.

Good luck and take it slowly!

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

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