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1 year with no gains - need 7 inch NBPEL & struggling

1 year with no gains - need 7 inch NBPEL & struggling

Hi everyone,
I’ve been experimenting with PE for roughly a year with no avail.
I’m roughly 6.5inch NBPEL and 5.2 MSG with a decent kegel.
All I want is to hit 7 inches plus and cement.
Any length will do as I have large legs and my penis seems small and thin relative to my body.

I completed the newbie routine with no joy, the Jelqs felt beneficial to flaccid fullness and general confidence. However my penis doesn’t seem to respond to stretches I’ve tried numerous routines I have an ADS and a hanger.
I understand the importance of heat and have a wheat bag which I use to warm up and a minute or so cool down.
My erection feel better In general if I hang and then jelq to erection and later in the day jelq.
I feel like I need to stretch the ligaments for a lower exit angle when flaccid and to get the max length potential.
My confidence is low and I want length gains badly for a number of reasons.
I’m thinking of a routine of hanging downwards for the ligs for the 2 hours per day and jelqing and light DLD type blaster stretches.

I’d massively appreciate any guidance as to any tips and a routine ,I know consistency is key and really want to make it happen this time!

1. Measure BPEL and BPFSL . Whenever you do it again, do it in the same position(siting, standing, pelvic angle).
BPEL and BPFSL give you most exact feedback if you gain or not.

2. For immediate feedback you want to look out for your PI ‘s and record them along with doing your routine. To look for what has what impact on your dick.

3. Use the ADS(extender?) for as long as you can everyday along with your routine. What hanger do you own?

When was your last consistent PE efforts and what did you do?

My hanger is a bib type hanger and my last consistent efforts would be

2-4 x 20 mins at 3-4kg or 6.6- 8.8lb depending on time available and privacy.
I might drop the weight slightly if I become sore and sometimes I use a fulcrum (heated thin bottle)
I would warm up for 5-10 mins with a wheat bag
Then add 100 Jelqs with some squeezes which seem to give good Pi’s
I would aim for 2 days on 1 off and if I don’t have the privacy would swap the routine for stretches and Jelqs.
Roughly 3 months I’ve been doing this or a stretch day here and there for stealth.
My EQ is down lately due to stress amoungst other issues.
I’m looking for a routine based on someone else’s viewpoint on what I’ve been doing.

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