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1 year and no results...


After much searching I discovered that a 2 exercise combo with extreme dedication yields results. Either cable clamping and gauge pumping or weight hanging and traction extending will produce length, girth and overall enlargement.

Thanks guys!

I was supposed to do a six week “decon break” but on Monday I have had three weeks rest and I am seriously considering starting PE again. The good thing (I guess) is that the break has made my unit rock hard again and I am way more horny.

Powerman1969: I will PM you, but you are thinking the way I am. Thinking that hanging + ads will do the trick for length. Later (if successful) I will try a combo with pumping, clamping, jelqing, bends and ulis for girth.

It does seem like one page is missing. There was an interesting discussion about extenders if I am not mistaken. Any idea where it went?

I hate seeing this type of thread. I feel your pain buddy, I have gone on big no-gain streaks as well.

I have a bit of a theory that I’m working on. You may find it useful.

How is your erection quality? I have found that simply stretching the penis and surrounding tissues is not enough to see real gains. Your body must be able to push enough blood into the penis to create the internal pressure to fill / stretch it past what its used to be. I hung for 6 months with no results. My BPFSL grew, but my erection stayed the same size until I started doing crazy amounts of keggels and cardio and focusing on my EQ just as much as standard PE.

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Maybe you are overdoing it Crabman. My working theory is that gains are directly linked to EQ. If you have low EQ you will have low gains. You should aim for a routine that gives you a good workout, but at the same time doesn’t send your EQ into the toilet. Read the thread(s) by sparkyx on PI for good gaining.


That’s why I think that is good to do length first then focus on EQ and girth. Stretch that BPFSL to somewhere around 8-9” mark and then switch to girth routine and focus on great EQ.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

Thanks guys! I must say that I mostly get confused from all the tips, but I know you all mean well.

Sparkyx is on one side of the spectrum (less is more) and guys like Bigger (Bib) are on the other. The big gainers have mostly been hardcore. I have not. My eq went down a bit from PE, not up. Two possible reasons. 1) I overdid it slightly. 2) My erections were rock hard before. There was no way it could go up.

Lenght and girth combined are usually frowned upon, especially if you are hanging for length. But hell if I know what is working…

You did not get gains in flaccid length? Or any results at all? You must have. I’ve been at it for 2.5 months about and I havent seen any gains either. Guess ill see what happens. I am currently doing warm up, 10-20 min jelq and warm down. ( I sometimes jack off as I’m so horny by the end of the session)

Started: February 2012: 5.5" NBPEL, 4.25" MSG

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I don’t measure flaccid but nothing that I can see.

Starting over now. Beginning my new quest for size with hanging (low weights). Will add an ads later. Length first. Looking for a measurement of 18 cm NBPEL. Then I will know that this works. Starting size 17 *13 (still…).


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