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1 year and no results...

Originally Posted by thisiswierd
Just jelqed for 5-7 minutes and feel it was enough. I have a small feeling in my dick now like its been stressed a little. Not a great feeling just a small one but I think my dik is fine with not doing any more workout. Its large and purple. How is ur dik after a session?

Again I do not jelq for gains.

After a hang session I clamp BTB for 3 sets of 3-4 minutes. I stop when I feel girth fatigue so this is not clamping for gains.

After a session my whole package feels worked out, tired, a little skin soreness. There is a deeper tunica ache especially at the tunica attachment points BTB.

The main internal soreness/achiness comes the next morning. Sometimes it wakes me up. I welcome this as it is a sign that tissues have been deformed.

Example, this morning I had a fairly sharp ache on the left side of my shaft near the base. I am trying to fix a slight left curve so I am hanging UTRL (Under the Right Leg). It is mainly a BTC angle but I lean more on my right butt cheek.

I get up and put my ADS sleeve on and work through the soreness.

In this sense PE is like weight lifting. If you are doing it right you will feel sore. Skin soreness does not count, it must be a deeper ache. This is microtrauma in the ligaments and tunica fibers. The ache is the inflamation from the 1st phase of healing. If you are consistent and design your workout around soreness then you will have a better chance of seeing gains.


Your supposed to jelq for at least 10mins. 5secs for 200-300 jelqs.

Crabman, you may not need to take 6 weeks off. If you take a week of then start off again on the newbie routine or start of easy, you should get results. Lil jimmy probablly needs a little rest which the one week will give you.

Originally Posted by Crabman99
Thanks for your comments! :)

skeebo: It’s all there in my (lack of) progress report. Except last month or so, but I have still been at it with hanging 20-80 minutes a day, light jelqing, some pumping sessions (mostly as a warm-up to hanging) and 15-30 minutes of stretching btb every evening. 5 days on 2 off, btb stretches every night.

shelovesit: I have not hung in a disciplined manner in the sense that hangers mean. Compared to manual stretchers I have been stretching my dick off. I have been trying to get up to 10 hours a week but it has not worked out (yet). I was half way up when I tried to switch from the wench to the BiB Starter. Did not work out at all. Felt like the hanger was crushing my dick.

Still… a year. Come on guys. Something should have happened.

Here’s my plan:
- 6 weeks deconditioning break. No PE at all.
- Starting over with hanging. Trying the BiB starter again. Low weights and working up time and weight as I get used to it and understand the hanger.

I’d suggest investing on an extender. More people seems to get gains using an extender than with hanging, and you’ll not be relegated in your bedroom.

Thanks for the advice marinera. I will consider that. Any idea on which one?

They are basicallly all the same so a cheap one. Most of people find a vac modification helps a lot with comfort.


I am no expert on extenders but I do know that there are some basic differences that you will want to consider as it can significantly affect comfort.

Some use spring tension and some do not. Cheaper ones do not, so be aware of that. I believe it has an effect on comfort. I have the springless type. It is not comfortable, but I do not use it as an extender, I use it as a stretcher, like a hands-off manual stretcher. I use it now and then after a hang session to torture myself a little more.

Then there are the different attachment types, the loop type, the comfort strap type, and the vac head type. The vac head type is the most comfortable but you can get a blister and not realize it until it is too late. The comfort strap type is an improvement over the loop type as it spreads the pressure over a larger area. There are also different pads you can buy to put under the comfort strap. I have used a thick section of silicone sleeve under the comfort strap and that seems to be alot more comfortable than the strap alone.

There are different bases, normal and a “girth” base. I had to use a dremel to make more room in a normal base for my girth which is about 5.5 inches at the base. It was like clamping without the modification. The girth base allows your scrotum to go on the other side of the base ring. These are spendy but when comfort is at stake I would not spare the bucks. I have read complaints of how the basic ring starts to irritate the scrotum when the extender is swung down.

If in the end you choose to go with a VAC system. I would not use the extender and instead connect it to my ankle with a bungee. If you sit at a desk you can change the tension by extending you leg. I am doing it right now with an AutoXleeve.

Hope this helps.

Hi Crabman99,

First of all, you haven’t given much details about your routine, so that really limits the quality of help that you can really get. And maybe that is and indication of the problem in itself - maybe you don’t have a disciplined routine, maybe you are trying too many things and not enough of a single technique?

I think you should spend some more time jelqing. It seems to me that jelqing is the most basic form of PE, and generally gets good results - but you say you only do light jelqing. Lookup the way to do proper jelqing here at Thunder’s and create a routine. Remember to do it with at least a semi-erect dick, and not a flaccid one. Start with an routine you can manage, and slowly build up by adding more jelqs or more time.

Personally, I attribute most of my gains (which is at least 1 inch in length) to jelqing, since this is what I did most of the time.

Go for it!

There is no one tell-all/do-all exercises. You have to use what works best for you. Manuals did nothing for me and I didn’t gain a cm for 2 years.

I just switched things up and kept working at it. Once I switched to pumping, I started seeing some permanent gains.

I think the best advice I can give someone who is really struggling with gains is - find the ONE exercise that gives you the best penile health (very hard and frequent erections, a good flaccid hang, increased horniness, etc.) and go with that. Once you reach a frequency/duration that gives you those, increase it and see what happens.

Thank you everyone!

shelovesit: You are 5,5 base girth flaccid? If so I’m safe to go with a regular as that is my erect base girth.

UfGator, I think you are completely right. It’s like all problem solving. My hypothesis is that I should start with an ADS and after 6-12 months move to hanging (or maybe add hanging to the routine). If I can get some results from this I will be happy. Girth work will have to wait.

Originally Posted by Crabman99
shelovesit: You are 5,5 base girth flaccid? If so I’m safe to go with a regular as that is my erect base girth.

My erect base girth is 5.5. You need to allow for getting a mild erection while using the extender. If the base ring is not open enough and you get even the slightest erection the base will act like a clamp and you will get a tournaquet effect from the base. In this case you will have to take it off and start over. Imagine being at a meeting and having that happen.

If money is not an issue and you plan to wear it in public, I would consider the “girth base”. Not all companies offer it.

Again, I had to modify my base ring using a dremel tool. I also added padding to the base because it starts to bother you after an hour or so.


Originally Posted by sheLovesIt

Again, I had to modify my base ring using a dremel tool. I also added padding to the base because it starts to bother you after an hour or so.

That was an issue I had with mine, the plastic makes your nuts sting after a while, I wrapped it with some gauze bandage which helped.

Seems like one page is gone? Moved somewhere?

I feel for ya, I been doing PE for a little over two years now and didn’t have any noticeable gains during this whole time. Got great EQ like I was sixteen again but not much in the gains department. I did the newbie routine for over a year then added pumping for length gains, and still nothing. About 3 months ago I made a captain wench (Captain you’re the best) and started hanging, this is the first time I have actually seen and feel a major difference in my unit. My suggest would be to try hanging, it worked for me.

This thread scares me that I may use too much pressure and force jelquing at the start and ruin all chance I have of gaining

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