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Would be forever indebted for an answer


Would be forever indebted for an answer

hi everyone,

I’m new, as you can tell, and although I do plan to try some PE exercises once I’ve weighed up the risks vs rewards, my main motivation for joining these forums was due to the open, friendly responses I’ve read as a non-registered lurker.

Maybe this isn’t the place for my question, but I had to try - hopefully one or more of Thunder’s members may have experienced similar problems or know of someone who has.

I have a skin condition on my genitals known as sebaceous prominence. Basically, it looks like lots of small white dots or bumps on my scrotum and base of my shaft. This is not PPP (Pearly Penile Papules) which occurs on the glands. Anywho, suggested solutions to getting rid of these little buggers have ranged from triple antibiotic ointment to Roaccutane and many others. If anyone has experienced a solution themselves or knows of someone who has, they would be forever in my prayers.

Thanks guys and I do apologise if this seems off-topic but y’all seemed so helpful and this is apparently somewhat common so I’m kinda reaching out here.


Have you gone to a dermatologist or a specialist?


Westla or luvdadus will probably give you some suggestions on this, as they both deal with the medical field everyday, and are a wealth of resources.

If you don’t hear from them on this in a couple of days, send them a private message, and they will probably get back to you.

Best of luck on this

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pingpang - no, but I plan to. I’ve been discouraged as to the use of doing so by responses from people suggesting it’s normal and you should just deal with it. Well I can’t just deal with it and I want a solution. I will follow this path up though.

p-pal - thanks very much for your response. I will contact them if I don’t see them post before too long.

I will also reply with any results/answers I get in case others are going through this and could maybe benefit from my experience.


Be careful with accutane, I used it for acne many, many years ago. It has a lot of side effects, check with your dermatologist.

I have this as well. I don’t think that there’s anything one can do about it. I don’t mind. As long as your partner knows it’s not warts, why does it matter?

Hi Eric, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

I’m not a physician, but work with patients and often have to help interpret medical terminology for them so I try to do the same here. You already know that sebaceous prominence (image attached) is considered a normal variant for penile and scrotal skin. I have it as do many other men. It is generally not considered treatable. I’ve never had a sex partner mention them.

In a lecture series by Dr. John Adams, a Wellington, New Zealand dermatologist, he notes in the section on “Normal Genital Skin” that prominent sebaceous glands are often brought to the attention of the physician. Obviously many men have them and share your concerns. (Follow the link and look at the other pages in the lecture. You’ll read about and see photos of many much more serious penile problems.)

There is a long-running (more than two years) thread [dead link] about this condition on the Marin Urology (Greenbrae, CA) forum. Many comments are from teenagers who are afraid women will reject them when presented with a penis/scrotum with white spots. The solutions provided range from ignoring them (what most physicians will tell you and also what guys who have them say when they realize there’s not much to be done) to the use of acne treatment drugs such as Accutane and Isotrex (not very effective) to CO2 laser treatments.

The use of the laser is supported in the treatment of Fordyce spots which are prominent sebaceous glands of the mouth/lips, foreskin, or vulva. One of the participants in that thread on the Marin Urology forum says it’s working for him. I imagine the cost would be significant, the time involved would be long, and the number of treatments would be considerable to zap spots from a penis and scrotum. Definitely not worth it IMO.

The bottom line is: they’re normal and you’d be wasting a lot of money, time and energy in trying to treat them. Read the comments in that thread [dead link] and you’ll find many guys who have come to accept the spots as a part of who they are.

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I also have them and mine look very similar to the image Westla attached. They are visible on close inspection, but barely noticeable unless specifically looked for. However, up until a few years ago I had large whitehead type spots all over my sac and around the base of the shaft, which I believe were merely sebaceous glands aggravated by puberty, since they cleared up about the same time as my face did. So if the problems are more aggravated than in West’s pic and you are in your late teens or early 20s then maybe it’s just a matter of waiting for your hormones to settle down.

Then again, maybe I’m off on a tangent and this doesn’t relate to your problem.


wow, thank you all for your responses and honesty. Especially West.

Lordbase - yes, mine are significantly more prominent than the picture and sound a lot more like the ones you speak of. However, my face is yet to clear fully although it is far better than my teenage years, I still have the occasional problem. Being 25, I’m not sure how long one must wait. I only hope that what you experienced, I can too. That would be a dream. I could live with the situation in West’s attached piccie no problem whatsoever.

I will see a dermatologist and let people know if there’s some treatment for the more severe cases, even if just to reduce them. I have not been so worried by them in the past, but my current partner is very into oral activities and I can see this is a major turnoff for her. Subsequently, I have become extremely self-conscious of them.

Any more advice/experiences would be more than welcome and thank you to all replies.



Mine didn’t really get any better as I progressed through puberty, as my face got better it seemed my crotch got worse. But as I finished puberty (at about 21-22) my facial spots cleared up almost completely (still the occasional spot) as did my genitals.

In my experience, there is nothing much you can do with them and you’ll just have to wait for them to settle down. I certainly didn’t change anything in regard to my personal hygiene or any medication to encourage them to clear up. Personally I’d go speak to your doctor and see what they can do, as I said though, my doctor said “wait, keep clean, don’t pick them and they’ll clear up” but then my doctor would prescribe bed rest and a couple of paracetamol for the Ebola virus.

Just try and keep it clean down there, don’t over wash or use anything harsh, if you get sweaty then give it a wash, otherwise just leave it be.

If your partner has noticed them, or mentioned them, it’s probably worth telling her that you are going to see a dermatologist about it. It’ll make her feel better, knowing that you are doing something about it. Plus she should understand if your doctor says what mine did.


Welcome to Thunder’s Eric.
I also had these “spots” albeit not as bad as the photo posted by WestLA. The pretty much went away as I got older same as LB (Should have known seeing as how he steals my dick while I am asleep….long story!).

Not much help, I know.Just letting you know what happened to me before you decide to do something drastic!

lol I have them like in the pic, funny I thought everyone did. Guess I never really checked out other units that closely. Just be glad you don’t have a skin condition that is like a permanent jock itch with no cure. I’m still waiting on a cure for that.

Originally Posted by Andrew69
The pretty much went away as I got older same as LB (Should have known seeing as how he steals my dick while I am asleep….long story!).


If you want to see some nasty nasty conditions have a look through the lecture series link that WestLA posted. Oooohhh just don’t eat first.

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