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Would be forever indebted for an answer


That just looks like a shaved shaft… Relax

I also have some weird spots farther up thats under my foreskin that is one shade more yellowish, and more uneven. But they never show because my skin retractes and hides it during an erection. I have had them since always and have never cared about them lately (just some small curiousity when I was like ~12-14 years old), they are rather small and they have always stayed the same. And no one has ever mentioned them.

This just shows that it’s most likely just you who notices.

I got this kind of thing, but mostly on my scrotal sack. Much more prominent than Wrestlers pic also. For me they happen to be a little white bobble at the base of every hair. I was told by a doctor once that they were fat deposits.

Also, at a quite young age, I went to the doctor for a similar ‘problem’, the white dots were moving up the shaft toward the head, and coming out under the foreskin. Weird I know, but the doctor said it was ‘normal’ (but didn’t explain why) and it stopped a long time ago also.

*Shrugs* never given me any problems.

Originally Posted by Eric_cj2002
I have not been so worried by them in the past, but my current partner is very into oral activities and I can see this is a major turnoff for her. Subsequently, I have become extremely self-conscious of them.

Is there really a problem? Has she complained or are your “reading” her reactions? Communication, as you probably know, is the key to any relationship. Talk to her. Ask questions. Share what you’ve learned and see what she says. If she’s “into” YOU, then a minor dick imperfection shouldn’t bother her. If she has complained, perhaps she just needs some education. They won’t go away, but they also won’t “give” her anything or spread to other areas. Either way, talking about it will probably help the situation.

Geez, I wish my rl friends were as supportive as y’all are, lol. I’ll follow through with your advice and if nothing can be done, I guess I’ll just deal with it. Would be nice to just once, be completely free from embarassing explanations that first time. Woe is me :p

Hey. Look at this as an advantage. You have bumps on your shaft. They increase friction during sex. Isn’t that a very good thing?

I should have bumps.



Does that mean you are forever indebted to us all now?


I’m not a medical man,so these are only my observations.

I have had these for many years now. I think they consist of Sebum which is a waste product of the skin. There seems to be no known solvent (that can be used on the body). But as a waste product that the body cannot remove it tends to have an effect on the skin. More noticeable on middle age people’s chests, where it can be seen as many white spots under the skin and causes the skin to wrinkle. I had this on my chest and found that scrubbing with a massage mitt gets rid of them on the chest by removing the skin that holds them (the skin looks much better when they are removed but it takes time as it has to allow other skin to develop under them. The spots on the scrotum are rather larger than elswhere on the body so they would be more difficult to remove anyway. I haven’t tried this on my scrotum as I’ve just decided to put up with them

Occasionally one does get very sore and I have to dig them out, which is very difficult as they are well set in, but a lot of care is necessey and some antiseptic must be applied to stop the wound getting septic..

Perhaps it’s better to make a joke about it - “I keep it as a record of each time I’ve had sex” - Then giggle and bury your face in her chest!

Incidentally sunlight has no effect! I’ve been on nudist holidays and all they do is show whiter - and you can easily see who has them and who doesn’t and there are a lot that do do (alright, so I’m a voyeur!)

Sorry I can’t be more help than that


Lordbase - no, I’d need a cure for that :P

Petitfaun - thanks for sharing your experience about this unfortunate, ‘normal’ condition. May try a combination of your method and triple anti-biotics, depending on my dermatologists opinion. Unbelievable that no one has spent more time researching this. God knows I’d pay a pretty penny for a solution.

Originally Posted by Eric_cj2002
Lordbase - no, I’d need a cure for that :P

Damn, I’ve always wanted a gimp. Oh well, better get back to researching that cure then.

Antibiotics are not the solution. You’ll just get your normal bacteria in an uproar for no reason.

I have the same problem on my skin, and it doesnt seems to help.. my penis doesnt look so well when I have an erection because that is more visible :( .. if someone have the solution please tell, even if it is the weirdest.

Thanks a lot.

I cannot give medical advice; only tell of my own experiences.

A few years ago, I had very stubborn acne on my face and back (but not genitals.) It wasn’t the worst case you have ever seen, but it was so stubborn that my efforts to rid myself of it seemed futile. After like two years of pointless topical creams, pills, etc my dermatologist suggested that I consider Accutane.

I read about the risks.

I took it anyway.


Assuming I wash my face every night before I go to bed. I almost never bet a blemish. I am sold on Accutane, it was the magic pill for me. (No, not like Viagra)

Just remember, take it at your own risk. If something seems wrong, ask your doc ASAP!

Fordyce spots (correct me if I’m wrong) happen when extra skin sticks to your shaft, creating a sweaty mess that clogs pores. I’ve heard of iodine tincures being a way to help. Iodine also supposedly get rid of papules, and I’ve noticed it greatly helps with karitinization of the glans.

No, that’s not how they form.

Although it’s some kind of commercial cosmetics site, the information about genital Fordyce spots provided here is correct.


Has anybody out there had there PPP (Pearly Penile Papules) professionally removed?

I am thinking of using Wimpole Aesthetics in London a Dr Josh Berkowitz, has anybody on here used him?



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