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Simple answer

Simple answer

Basically, is anyone able to say after reading bibs theory, that people with low lot can definately make gains even if over a longer period of time ,and how much can they expect? and what would be the best exersisesfor them?

This obviously comes dow to the more in the know and experienced among us to answer, hoping for the man himself, bibs.

Bigger isn’t around just now.

Bigger’s theory states that if you have a low LOT your ligs are stretched pretty far already. That being the case gains will come from stressing the tunica. Jelqing, manual stretching or hanging would be considered good methods. Manual stretches need to be long hold and of good force. Consider using angles that place stress on the tunica (above LOT).

Hope that helps.

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Thanks memento that does help ,and it was a simple answer too, just one point though, the question about how much can be expected to be gained by tunica stretches and is there a limit to the tunica like the ligs?

Is bibs around at all or has been away for a while?


Thats a good question. Often people experience a slowdown as their PE career progresses, some people plateau. There probably are limits simply because as time progresses the penis gets used to the stresses and maybe a long layoff won’t bring it back to pre PE strengths.

How much you will gain is where I will cop out and say its a personal thing. It has to do with your penis and how effective your routine is. The tunica is harder to stretch than the ligs but its still possible.

Bigger is back now.

By the way, if you title your posts suitably you will both pick up readers who have a good insight into the question and allow others to learn from your questions.

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I see, ok thanks.

I went 4 months of lig stretching with a low LOT (prior to knowing it was low) and gained very little if any. Over the past 60 days, concentrating on purely tunica stretching, I have gained 1/2”.

I do not feel there is a limit to where you want to go by tunica stretching. Look at DLD. He has put on a butt load of length in the past several months, mainly from A stretching which stresses the tunica greatly. I believe even Bib says tunica stretching has accounted for over 50% of his length.

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I believe I have seen Bib say he got 2” from tunica work. I may be wrong though.


Same here, I tried to do a search, but it seems that the words “Bib” and “Tunica” are just too popular.

I see thats very very helpul, guys realy is!!, i think maybe all of us go through this thought after finding out we are in the low lot group, this is a good booster!!thanks


I estimate that about half my gains were from tunica stretch. Before PE, the tip of my head was well below my navel, and now it is well above my navel. Here is some more info on tunica stretch.

Bib’s history

You might not have the spectacular, very quick gains of some guys, but with steady work, you can reach your goals. Learn as much as you can, and do not be afraid to change up your routine if you do not gain over time. With a low LOT, always try to work the upper angles.


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