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Upward curve - Genetic?

Upward curve - Genetic?

I know this discussion might have started in another thread a while ago…but I can’t seem to find it.
What are your thought?

Is the upward curve a reason of keeping your dick bent upwards in the underwear or is it genetic?

Are there users who kept their penis in the classic position in the pants (head down :) ) and still have developed upward curve.

Any ideas?

I dare you to ask your dad or grandpa.

It’s not completely genetics, but it does play a big role in it. My fiance love my upwards curve, I’m happy I have one.

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When I was growing up, I wore briefs and kept my package in the upward position all the time. And I did have a significant upward curve, when erect. Then, when I joined the Army, they gave us boxer shorts and I got so used to them that I never went back to the briefs. Sure enough, the upward curve is essentially gone. I don’t know if it was because of age or the change in shorts, but it did change.

Hope this helps.


This may sound far fetched. But does anyone else think it is caused by the way that you masturbate?

My penis has an upward curve and leans to the right a little bit and I was trying to figure out how it came to be. Sure enough I was observing my hand motions one day and my friggen hand curves upward and to the right. To me it makes sense, all those years I spent doing the same motion on my junk.

Ever since then I’ve tried to do a different hand motion to promote a slightly straighter penis. For me this is easier said then done since I always find myself forgetting :( .

Also I was wondering if hand motions can influence the shape of your head as well? If I focus on upward motions my head grows, and if I focus on downward motions it seems take more of a flat “helmet” shape. Anyone else observe this?

Lol what if the shape, head, and girth you have has a lot to do with the way you’ve beat your meat as a teen and older? Something I’ve been wondering for a little bit.

It’s not too far fetched. A classic case of continuous usage a certain way. Mine was hanging left, and in
an attempt to see if it would change, I started hanging to the right. Mine changed angle.

I always switch hands, just because it feels different.

I’ve observed the same as you with glans shape. With me, jacking up increases blood into ,and downward
stretches my head in the opposite direction.
How ever, I’m just a jack meister, and love to play with myself!!!

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Thanks for the replies. Hope this thread is not ended.

I usually wear my penis up in my pants and I have a slight upward curve, although it’s nearly straight. It doesn’t sound that strange that the way you masturbate since you were little might have influence on the curve of your penis.

Originally Posted by puggles
This may sound far fetched. But does anyone else think it is caused by the way that you masturbate?

Not far fetched at all in my experience. I have had two friends over the years with extreme curves that they attribute directly to their teenage habits. One is a curve and the other is more bent at the base. No doctor has confirmed their suspicions, but I would agree they are probably right.

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But on the other hand.. If this were true, how would you explain a downward curve? I’m pretty sure nobody masturbates towards his legs? :D

I used to have an upward curve, but it’s straight now, after the workouts.

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I have a slight upwards curve and think it’s because I like to sleep on my stomach.

Originally Posted by Future1
But on the other hand.. If this were true, how would you explain a downward curve? I’m pretty sure nobody masturbates towards his legs? :D

I find it to be more of wrist and finger motions, and palm position that gave what I have (mind you I’m going off theories, I’m not saying that I’m 110% right).

Bare with me here and I’m just trying to give an example.
If I were to press my palm against the tube or underside of my unit, and then apply even more “downward” pressure with my thumb jacking the topside. It might support a minor downward curve.
Next time you jack mess with different hand, wrist, palm, finger positions. When I did this I found that it placed different amounts of “stress” at different spots on me. And I’m trying to theorise that it’s this ” stress” that supports you given angle and shape. The “stress” I’m describing wasn’t painful in anyway.

This is cool. Even if I’m totally wrong this is a subject I’ve wanted to bring up for a while.

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