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The power of water

The power of water


I wanted to write on this fórum to share this, hoping it will be helpful for someone.

Many times we ask, What can I do to get more sperm when I’ll cum, and I don’t know if its happened to you, but I drank a lot of juices, fruit smoothies and I don´t know what else to get cum.

And once, while I was Reading, I found than just doing a simple thing, I could get that and I surprised when I read than that Little thing was to drink water.

I’d proved everything, but really when I did what the article said, I discovered it was true. I’d ejaculated a great amount of sperm in the morning and at night I could ejaculate almost the same of what had ejaculate in the morning.

of course this is not a magical thrick, it is very important what are you eating and how many fruits do you eat daily, but if you can leave mainly sodas and drink wáter instead sugar, I can assure, you will see the diference of your current ejaculations compare with your future ejaculations.

Drink wáter, evertime that you get thursty, just drink wáter, avoid juices, sodas and all that kind of drinks and your ejaculations will be better and larger.

I hope this can help to anyone who wants to increase your ejaculations.

Thanks and comment your experience


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Thanks for thread thread.I read that in japan ,they treat some disease only by water .

Hydration is a good thing. I don’t think it cures anything but it does help the body.

Water is great for health. everywhere

Water consumption on a daily basis is very important for overall health, load size, cognitive function, and weight loss. It’s so important to have enough water throughout the day.

In Brazil we use to say “You don’t use soda or juices to wash your car.”

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