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Terrible night of foolishness. Did I get AIDS?


Terrible night of foolishness. Did I get AIDS?

This is a long story

But basically I helped a lady who flagged my car down with a broken nose. I was just gonna give her a ride, but lets say that a LOT later it was clear she was a crack whore. So basically she was extorting money out of me the whole night.

At first I was just gonna give the ride, but then I figured she needed some money because I felt sorry for her, and from that point on she manipulated me.

Not that it was her fault, I don’t say no to people and I’m a dumb ass, and then I got intrigued after meeting her crack dealing buddies at the crack house, my inner cultural anthropologist took interest in their lives.

And then they started hustling me too

And she kept trying to get me to have sex with her

I didn’t know she was a prostitute until after I went down on her.

See she was teaching me and a son of one of the crack dealers how to eat pussy.

So she took a hit of crack and asked me to go down on her, and I did for a little while

Well at least I’m better at eating coochie but still, I don’t know why I did that

I wasn’t even horny just confused and stupid.

So I ate her out a little

And alter I had sex with a condom but I wasn’t into it so I stopped very soon

I’m worried that I got aids form going down on her

How screwed do you think I am

And yes I am embarrassed by this and it was a bad bad night.

The next day cops pulled me over as I was leaving and they were like wtf are you doing at a crack house, you know she was a hooker right?


Not all crack whores have AIDS .

Of course there is a chance that you contracted an STD, there always is with sex .

Get tested .

What you did could have gotten you arrested, mugged, killed, or a combination of all of the above as well, you know .

I would say that, as a rule of thumb, anytime a woman with a broken nose wants to have sex, it should wave a large, bright, red flag for you to get away asap.

About the first risk factor, it has been definitely proved that fellatio is more a risk factor than cunnilingus since in fellatio there is direct contamination and exposure to the semen which has a lot more concentration of HIV. On the other hand in cunnilingus, you are only transiently exposed to the vaginal secretions which contain a far less concentration of HIV.
Also, the fact that the woman is a prostitute means that she is seasoned and would have less vaginal secretion during cunnilingus as compared to other women which also reduces your risk of exposure.
Finally, the time period of exposure is less than 10 minutes which also belongs to the low risk category (more than 30 min is significant).

Therefore, combining all of the facts and quantifying your risk, I would like to mention that your risk of acquiring HIV from the episode of cunnilingus is NEARLY ZERO.

Therefore, my recommendation is that you would not require any form of testing and can be rest assured that there is nearly zero percent chance of acquiring HIV. In such low risk cases I do not usually advice to go in for testing.

All the best.

Dr. Adhikari

Last time I tried to help a damsel in distress, guy was squattin behind a bush waiting to ambush my ass. Didn’t get me, but “good samaritan” days are now over.

Get tested, alleviate your fears, and remember what era we live in.

I wouldn’t sweat it. The AIDS virus is very fragile. Unless you had an open sore in your mouth, the acids and enzymes in your saliva would most likely kill the virus if it was, in fact, present.

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Originally Posted by SonnyC
Last time I tried to help a damsel in distress, guy was squattin behind a bush waiting to ambush my ass. Didn’t get me, but “good samaritan” days are now over.

Get tested, alleviate your fears, and remember what era we live in.

Holy shit, close call mate.

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That whole story is a bit heavy.

Many STDs have a period of remission, so I would get tested now and then again in a few months. If you cannot afford to get tested, do a search on the internet for free std clinics.

I think you learned your lesson but you should be wary of anyone out there needing help. This especially holds true if you’re in bad neighborhoods and the person in distress is a female. You sound like you have the personality of a “people pleaser” and this can get you into quite a bit of trouble. I would try to work on that also because abusive people can sniff it out a mile away and will take advantage of you at every opportunity.

Get tested. Aids is no respecter of cultures.

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Now I didnt mention but we also briefly had vaginal intercourse with a condom. The session was also short (I wasn’t paying for sex, I didnt know she was a prostitute until later in the evening and I didnt really want to have sex it was a stupid night)

I know the condom did not break but at one point I lost some of my hardness, not completely and did not change condoms as I waited for full erection to continue intercourse. So being paranoid, I was worrying that vaginal fluid could have entered in while my penis lost erection in between time!

Originally Posted by SonnyC
Last time I tried to help a damsel in distress, guy was squattin behind a bush waiting to ambush my ass. Didn’t get me, but “good samaritan” days are now over.

I’ll remember this story.

I usually just ignore people in distress anyway. But now I’ve got a good reason.

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You making this shit up as you go sparrow? Almost sounds like you are morphing into a filed mouse.

If it is true, don’t try to use “logic” to convince yourself that you don’t need a visit to the doc. As someone said above, you are fucking lucky you are not an alligator’s dinner right now.

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Did you at least pinch her nose when she was blowing you?
Put a plastic supermarket bag over her head when doing her doggie?

Did she weigh half a bucket of rain? You know crackwhore skinny as the everyday man calls it?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Just about everyone is focusing on AIDS, and there are a LOT more STDs than AIDS, and more transmissible to boot. Ever heard of syphilis? Gonorrhea? Herpes? Hepatitis?

Get tested.

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What Lampwick said. HIV is hard to contract, but a hell of a lot of other awful STIs are caught pretty easily.

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