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Terrible night of foolishness. Did I get AIDS?


I’ve always had this harrowing image of crack whores having maggots in their pussies.

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I’ve almost been where you are, in that a long time ago ( college, early 90s, indulging in bad habits) I was offered pussy by a cokehead 30something chic if only I’d buy her an 8-ball.

I was drunk and willing, but when she finally spread her legs, it’s like her pussy lips were saying, ” are you fucking crazy? Don’t you dare put your dick in here!!”

Needless to say, I couldn’t get hard, we never fucked and got high instead.

Probably one of the most tripped out paranoid experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

Despite what you’ve read, AIDS isn’t that easy to get, and if eating pussy was high risk behavior for contracting AIDS, more men would have the disease.

Like others have mentioned, I’d be more worried about contracting genital herpes on my mouth, but you probably dodged that bullet too if you didn’t see any active sores on her coochie.

Wait a month or two, then get an HIV test.

I’d bet you my left nut you don’t have anything except a bad case of hypochondria..

By the way, if I end up owing you, please post a forwarding address to send you one of my boys!! LOL

Seriously, all you can do is wait and get checked out, and remember never to turn off your big head whenever you’re in the vicinity of available pussy.

Originally Posted by SonnyC
Last time I tried to help a damsel in distress, guy was squattin behind a bush waiting to ambush my ass.

I have had that happed. You develop an environmental and situational awareness of such things quickly or get gotten, ya know?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yep, my bait was a 40-something matronly type. So, you never know.

HIV is very hard to contract. You have more of a chance to contract Hep C. Than HIV. Also, you were wearing a condom which decreases your chances.

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>Despite what you’ve read, AIDS isn’t that easy to get, and if eating pussy was high risk behavior for contracting AIDS, more men would have the disease.<

Um … lesbians. Safest sexual group to be in from an HIV perspective.

Become a lesbian, sparrow.

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Now while having sex while switching positions I lost some hardness

I didnt go completely soft (I really wasn’t into it)

But some hardness was lost

Could vaginal juices have entered the condom at that time?

mighty, I don’t know if I would have told all that!! It’s more bizarre than some of my escapades.

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