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Some problems

Some problems

Hi there, for a little while now my member has been giving off a bad smell, a rather sharp smell. I kind of thought it was just stale pee or something like that. And now I look closer at the head there are lots of small (same color as my skin but some what lighter) spots, and there are quite a few of them. Do you guys reckon it’s some fungal problem?

Could be fungal - pick up some Lotrimin or Lamisil ointment and give it a try. Also, lay off the PE for a while.

What thinkerer said. Also, when you bathe, massage the soap well around your groin then stand there for a few minutes before rinsing the soap off; dry yourself thoroughly before dressing again. If you wear constrictive underwear, give it up for a couple weeks. Wear none or boxers.

When I lived near the equator, I got what was not affectionally called, Jungle Rot. Part of the solution? Bathe a lot and get air moving around the area.



Thank you very much guys :)

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