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Question on lasting longer in bed...

Question on lasting longer in bed...

I currently take a small dose of Effexor XR on a daily basis for anixety and thus really don’t have a problem in lasting a long time.

Recently, I begun dating an amazingly hot woman who really turns me on. We haven’t slept together yet, but the fooling around we did made me feel as though I would finish quicker than usual despite the Effexor side effect of prolonging orgasm.

I really want to have a marathon session with her when we do have sex and was therefore thinking of popping a small dose of Paxil a few hours before we do it. I have heard great testimonials about Paxil producing marathon sessions but I am slightly hesitant considering that I am currently taking a low dose of Effexor.

Does anyone have any experience or believe that the combination of Effexor and a low dose of Paxil a few hours before sex will give me my desired results, or might it backfire and keep me from even getting hard!

Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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I don’t think you should take the paxil. I think it would back fire because now you will be worrying about whether or not the paxil will make you less hard. I think its just gonna give you more anxiety and you wont perform as well if you take the paxil. Thats just my opinion.

Cheers for the feedback Hugh.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

It’s worth a try. I remember when I took paxil for about a month that I lasted ASTONISHINGLY longer. I couldn’t even ejaculate by myself. It was both bad and good…

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Man, that stuff is just bad news in my opinion. Not just paxil but all of the antidepressants like Prozac, zoloft, ect. Your messing with precious chemicals in your brain and those drugs just nock everything out of balance. In my opinion keep it natural, try chi gong, thats how Chinese Taoist emperors could keep 100’s of ladies satisfied.

Try viagra. Not only does it help you last longer the first time, but it allows you to keep going. Even if you come quickly at first, you will have no problem banging her hard for much longer the second time, without having to wait to recover.

It depends on what dose of Effexor you are taking. If the amount of Paxil is small it shouldn’t be a problem as both drugs are reuptake inhibitors. I don’t know how much Paxil or how long you need to be on it to get the desired effect though. I would just get my hands on some of the Viagra so it will not really matter how many times you get off.

I wonder if one dose of Paxil would do anything. I heard it takes a while for those types of drugs start taking effect.

You need to take it six hours before to get an effect, from what i’ve read.

If you decide to use the Paxil, do yourself a favor and try it out before the big performance. Just try it when you’re by yourself with some nice porn. See if you can get it up and feel normal. If so, you’ll probably be fine for showtime without any anxiety about how it will affect you.

PS. Does your MD approve of this. Mixing drugs without your MD’s OK is generally a BAD idea.

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