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Lasting Longer

Lasting Longer

Slightly off topic possibly.

I have been jelqing, kegeling etc and they definitely help to give a harder erection etc.

I still have a problem where I cum too soon, literally after just 2-3 minutes normally. The only way to prolong this is to take a break before going back. It also doesn’t just apply to sex but masturbation.

I think I must have an unusually high concentration of nerve receptors in the head of my penis. Although this makes more pleasure the downside is less time spent.

Any recommendations on this board beyond the exercises I am already doing?

Check out this thread. It has some good information in it.

PE "Premature Ejaculation"…
You’re on the right track with kegels. Keep ‘em going.

You can also work on it during masturbation. Go at a slow pace, build yourself up to orgasm, stop, start, build up, stop, start and so on. Start at a goal of lasting 5 minutes one session, then 8 minutes the next, then 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on. Break it down into small goals over the course of a few months (or whatever you feel is best). I don’t know how long you have to do this to see results (months-wise), but at least it will feel very very good when you finally do release your boys.

Hi there Dave,
Kegels have had a big impact on my sex life too. I can last as long as I want to now and sex is great, thanks to kegels! Only slight problem is that erections are very slightly reduced in intensity during the following technique I use, and ejaculation, for me is not as strong after holding back many times:

When masturbating, just before you feel like you are about to ejaculate, perform and hold a strong kegel. Do not let go of this clamp on the PC until you feel the feeling of needing to ejacualte subside. Deep breaths and concentration help this task. These steps can be repeated as many times during a session as you want to after a while.

A few weeks of this, and you will be able to use this in a sex session and be in control of when you want to cum. Hope this helps.

My life will be complete with an 8X6.

I will try those out although I kind of do it already. I think I might just be sensitive down there. It aint a total loss anyway. I can usually cum 3-5 times an hour if I have to.

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