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Problems using condoms

Problems using condoms


I am 22 right now, and I am quite happy with my size. I’m at 6 1/8” in lenght and have been the same since I was 16 or so.

What I’m not happy with is my performance when I use condoms. I usually have to stick it in very fast to not go soft, or if I delay for a minute or more, I will go soft very quickly.

Without the rubber, I’m good as pie, and make her have a good time. Otherwise, she don’t like it neither do I..

Can someone tell me how can I fix this? Or anyone with this problem??


Totally agree. Hate them. I’ve always had sex with girls I sort of knew semi well (I.e. Confident no STDs/qualms with day-after pill) so I just have sex till I’m about ready to cum, then put one on, or pull out. I really don’t even know how I’d do it with some random girl.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. But I want to get this sorted out, since these last weekends I’ve known a couple of new girls, I want to have sex with them, and that will be good sex, not just once and then never see them again because lousy sex, but I cannot take my chances, if you know what I mean.

If condoms are tight, they can disrupt an erection, try different/larger condoms. You can get condoms with stimulants impregnated in them. One or both of these things might help.

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There is an old trick that “professionals” use, where they apply the condom with their mouth. You could have her put the condom on you and give you oral for a few minutes before you penetrate her. The anticipation and excitement of this added foreplay may be just enough to help you keep it up.

Try a vibrating cock ring and condom. She won’t even remember that there was an issue. :)

As memento said, try one of the very loose fitting condoms, such as one of the Trojan Ecstasy styles. Your dick head can move around inside the condom. It feels like it’s going to come off, but it doesn’t.

I struggle with this as well.

Interested if there is any good advice, but I suppose practice is key. :)

I have the same problem. You eventually get used to it. I just put it on fast and then go right back to what I was doing real quick. If you give yourself time to think about you’ll have trouble. In a way putting it on is partly a turn on because by now my dick “knows” that means its about to get some ass.

If you don’t mind spending more, the female condom is my best answer. Just if you use it for anal take out the inner ring first, or she will kill you when she realizes she can’t get it out. (Voice of experience.)

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Guys, great advice everyone. Especially northmiamitop. I will think about this next time. Using larger condoms like trojan magnum may also help as memento said.

Sleepy, I think this would be perfect as well.. I might try all recipes!!

The problem is not the condom itself, is the mind. I am 99.9% sure of this.

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