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Poor erection quality

Poor erection quality

A bit worrying, seeing as i’m only 24

Basically, i’ve been clamping for the past 4 months or so.Getting some gains but nothing huge 4.8” to 5.1” girth

Recently, to up the pressure a bit, i’ve added an extra clamp. The first week was great and really felt thick especially when flacid.

Next week, I didn’t seem to be able to get as hard as I usually would in the clamp, so I gave my dick a rest for a few days.

Now, after 5 days rest, I tried a bit of porn…I got hard (Although nowhere near as qucikly as I usually would), but the erection quality was poor. - I am a little run down with a cold aswell, but I’ve a feeling that maybe adding the second clamp caused this problem….

Just wondering what approach I should be taking now??

Any advice appreciated.

Karmaz, I have a similar problem with weak erections and I just turned 19 and just getting rid of my cold (still have a cough)! This is very odd as yours and my testosterone/libido should be at an all time high in our lifetimes. This worries me greatly.

My measly 3 sexual adventures have all been flops (couldn’t get the motherf#*@er up!), and I’ve been shy/distant from girls ever since. I recently started taking DHEA and Tongkat Ali and kegeling here and there, but they seem to help only a little bit; not as much as I’d like. As far as advice goes for erection quality, that’s all I’ve got and I only hope it works out better for you than it did for me.

Karmaz! could it be smoking, excess alcohol,weed or the medication you are taking for cold(if any)? If not, it could be an over worked dick. try and give it some rest, about 15 days. See how it goes. keep us updated and someone here maybe able to help.

Also, maintain a healthy lifestyle by Working out regularly, eating healthy food, getting enough rest etc.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Get yourself some ZMA from GNC… I think after taking in at night for three days and laying off the P.E. you’ll be back to normal. The stuff really works for me.

Hey itsgotime, stay away from DHEA!! Thats is some bad shit! It can convert to testosterone just as easy as it can to estrogen, and you wouldn’t want that!! Some friends tried it for a while and it screwed them up for a long while. Check this link for more info


Originally Posted by itsgotime
I recently started taking DHEA and Tongkat Ali and kegeling here and there, but they seem to help only a little bit; not as much as I’d like.

Kruz is right. Man that’s some dangerous stuff you’re taking. From my experience, I’d say it’s probably just your mind that is f****d up. See I’ve always had performance anxiety. I’ve had sex with 6 different girls in my life and with each of them I’ve had problems getting it up the first time.

I’ve also already suffered from low libido/erectile problems. Once again, the problem was not medical. I was in a relationship with a girl that demanded a lot from me and that also just did not turn me on that much. Man, I was so convinced that something was physically wrong with me that I even went to a doctor (I was 22 at the time).

You know what? It all came back to normal when I dumped this girl and put myself together again. Two months after I ended this bad relationship, I was with another girl and I was back to being to same old horny animal I’ve always been.

My advice: Stop taking the stuff. If you think there is something physically wrong, go to a doctor. That’s the best way to know. If there’s nothing wrong, it’s just your mind. Relax and be yourself. You know what I do now when I’m with a girl and that I can’t get it up because of performance anxiety? I just tell the girl the truth: I’m intimidated because I want to make a good impression on her. Every time I do that it takes so much pressure off me that 1 min. later I’m up and ready for a night-long marathon.

Karmaz: Take a week or 2 off. Get PE out of your head. Then start slowly and don’t do the same mistake twice!

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