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Quality of erections after PE.

Quality of erections after PE.

How has the quality of your erections changed since you started PE?

I’m not talking about immideatly after a PE-session, but in general.

Has anyone gotten erection problems as a result of streching, hanging, jelqing etc.?

See my thread on why I gave up pe:

3 year follow-up of my PE experience

(although the thread was intended to focus on long-term gains, it got a bit hijacked by someone who wanted to talk about pre-existing erectile problems).

harder erections

After two years of PE (with on and off periods), I’m very satisfied with the quality of erections I have. They are as hard now as when I was 17. I can stay erect for hours (with stimulation) and have multiple orgasms. And my penis is much longer than when I was 17 (I’m 39 now).

So no erectile disfunctions here caused by PE.
In fact today, I had a new milestone. I have reached my second goal of 20 cm. :sun: Next goal is 8 inch (20.32 cm).

My routine is as follows :

2 minute hotwrap
10 minute stretching to all sides
15 minute jelq
2 minute hotwrap

Best regards


i did, but then i realised it was becuase i got too thick, and the condom was cutting off circulation, im hoping to get bigger condoms soon.


Shooting for 9"


My erections are better now than ever and a lot bigger and fatter.
BUT the big but if I over train my erection can suffer and I will need to cut back on the pe for a day or two.



I have only been doing PE for four months and I did have a problem with getting a stiffy.

I started hand jelqing and three weeks later went on to the PJ device. Thats when my problems started.

I had worked up to 300 hand jelqs a session but with the PJ device I dropped it down to 100 jelqs to start with. Reason:-
more pressure was exerted with the PJ. This however was too much for me.

I lost sensitivity and couldn’t get a proper erection.

I stopped all routine for a week or so and restarted but found that things were still the same, so I stopped doing anything for a whole month.

Everything got back to normal and I also never lost the small gain that I had made.

I am now doing 200 jelqs per session with the PJ and am quite comfortable with that for the time being. I shall increase this very gradually as I dont want to do any more damage.

Health is Wealth

In my first several months of PE my ereections were a bit weaker (mainly on the day of a PE session). However when I began doing kegals while doing manual stretching and jelqing, my erections and ejacualation has improved along with modest incremental PE gains.

Hello guys,

I am new to this site and have been PEing for almost a month now and have noticed a significant increase in the firmness of my erections. Prior to starting PE routines, I had a fairly firm erection. Since starting the excercises, my Johnson gets rock hard and stays that way for a long time after climax.

I haven’t measured yet to see if there has been any increase in girth or length. I wanted to give it a month before checking progress. If the gains aren’t there, I’ll have no regrets from trying due to the change in firmness of my erections.


I’m mostly hanging now with some squeezes after the hanging sets. I always get very firm however the angle is a little lower if I over do it . If I take it easy for a week or so the angle will return to more upward.

One thing to consider is that my dick is 30% bigger so I’m sure in time things will straighten out. No pun intended.

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